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on 2007/7/16 11:36:51

Unmasking Naqaab

Come, bask in the mask. If you want to see a smile-worthy sangam of tradition and trendiness, then try Naqaab.

On the one hand there's the ultra-hip super-cool Kiss- Miss Sophia (newcomer Urvashi) who lives in with Richie- Rich Bobby Deol and romances the Devil-may-Care Dude (Akshaye Khanna) and even runs away from her church wedding(ala Julia Roberts in The Runaway Bride).

But get this contradiction. On the other hand when the clandestine couple Khanna and Urvashi break into a mela song, Abbas-Mustan (bless their suspenseful soul) do a quick dissolve with the camera to indicate to the audience that the song is a dream sequence. The problem with our cinema is, it takes on the mantle of the new millennium without knowing where it is going.

In Naqaab, the female protagonist goes from being a flaky burger waitress in a Dubai restaurant to an unsuspecting actress in a reality film to a vengeful Mata God knows what else.

Ooof... this time Abbas-Mustan tire us out. Gone is the well thought-out paciness of Baazigar, Soldier , Humraaz and Aitraaz. There're many wheels within wheels simulating a sense of well-oiled movement in the plot.

But check the editing patterns (Hussain Burmawala). The narrative is just not getting anywhere. Yup, this time Abbas-Mustan have lost the plot.

Some early scenes when Akshaye, playing a struggling actor, and Urvashi, playing a grappling go-getter, bond with the feast have a punchy perkiness. One episode of masti between the couple in a posh hotel (where Khanna treats Urvashi to a banquet by ordering for room service from a foyer phone) seems to have been ripped off from Vikram Bhatt's Life Mein Kabhi Kabhie. But what the heck! There's a mood of anything-goes in the first -half that doesn't quite get into the required tempo.

Abbas-Mustan's creative output has lately been on the decline. Naqaab makes you feel they are now lunging for effect. Even when the earlier films were Hollywood rip offs they conveyed a sense of streamlined momentum.

Everything in Naqaab is calculated for an effect. And that goes for the characters too. They are constantly trying to be what they are not, and therefore perpetually tying themselves up in knots.

Most of this film about a whacked-out filmmaker shooting a secret improvised reality-film with characters who are actors rather than characters is shot on elaborately done-up sets representing cool clubs and sweaty bedrooms. They add to the feeling of claustrophobia that assails us from all sides.

Akshaye Khanna and Bobby Deol struggle to instill a sense of logic to the wacky plot. Khanna succeeds to some extent. Bobby, veering from devoted passion to demented creativity, fails.

The new girl Urvashi seems to have some fun playing the feisty miss who's engaged to a placid tycoon and is swept off her feet by a wicked stranger. Mills & Boon? That's old world.

Kick off your shoes and enter Abbas-Mustan's web of virtual reality. Here, anything can happen. Alas, nothing does. At least nothing to sink our teeth into.

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    Naqaab will shock everyone: Bobby Deol

    2007/7/12 9:53:38

    Bobby Deol is on a high these days. He has received excellent reviews for his performance in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and his Apne has also been received well. Now, the actor is looking forward to his next film Naqaab in which he plays a multimillionaire. The film is an edge-of-the-seat thriller and Abbas and Mustan are the masters in this genre. It is being said that there is suspense from the very first scene.

    Bollywood News : Naqaab will shock everyone: Bobby Deol

    Akshaye passionate about 'Naqaab'

    2007/7/7 11:30:59

    Actor Akshaye Khanna is keeping his fingers crossed for his forthcoming release "Naqaab", a romantic-thriller directed by Abbas-Mustan.

    "I'm very passionate about 'Naqaab' and I'm really looking forward to its release," he said at a news conference here, about the film, which also stars Bobby Deol and newcomer Urvashi Sharma.

    The 32-year-old actor, however, did not divulge any more details of the film, much to the disappointment of around 50 journalists and photographers who attended the event for him.

    Though his "Salaam-E-Ishq" opened to lukewarm response, Akshaye has six more films to hit the silver screen.

    His other releases include "Tashan", "Shortcut", "When Kiran Met Karen", "Aaja Nachley", "Gandhi My Father" and "Race".

    Akshaye, who made his debut in 1997 with "Mohabbat", has acted in around 30 films.

    Bollywood News : Akshaye passionate about 'Naqaab'

    The delay, a boon for RACE!

    2008/3/21 12:27:21

    Though Tips Films' last venture, NAQAAB (2007), with the master of thrillers, Abbas-Mustan, starring Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna, failed at the box-office, it had and still has its fans. The failure of NAQAAB not withstanding, the Tauranis are back once again with their favourite director duo, Abbas-Mustan, in the big-budgeted multistarrer, RACE. As per Ramesh Taurani the budget of RACE is around 35 crores.

    Not many will know this, but RACE was to start long back, September 2006 to be precise. However, lead actor Saif Ali Khan was absolutely booked at that point of time. Resultantly RACE was postponed and the dates were pushed further to accommodate the over committed Saif. In the meantime, Tips decided to make a quickie, a smaller budgeted film, NAQAAB with the same directors, Abbas-Mustan.

    As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining and something good comes out of everything. And so it happened with the delay of RACE. The many narrations, the tying up of the loose ends and the excellent publicity have all resulted in hyping RACE to the sky. No wonder the producers, Ramesh and Kumar Taurani, and the distributors UTV are already smiling, as RACE has embarked on a super start.

    Bollywood News : The delay, a boon for RACE!

    Urvashi Sharma - Tips new discovery in Naqaab

    2007/6/23 9:45:33

    Urvashi Sharma, the leading lady of the to-be-released film Naqaab, has been signed for an eight-film contract with TIPS Films, who is also producing Naqaab. TIPS in the past has launched potent actors such as Preity Zinta, Shahid Kapur and Amrita Rao, and are once more launching another stunner in looks and performance Urvashi Sharma.

    Like most A-list heroines in Bollywood, Urvashi too started her career as a model. Having been the face of PONDS, TBZ and Garnier, Urvashi soon conquered the modeling circuit by her sheer beauty, grace and professionalism. With striking features and poise she rapidly made her way into Bollywood and bagged an eight-film contract with TIPS Films

    Naqaab, directed by master of the thriller genre' Abbas-Mustan, being her very first film, Urvashi exudes terrific screen presence, which is, clearly noticed in the promos. Even though she is portraying a fundamental character in this thriller, she has maintained a very low profile in media. She has refrained from giving any interviews or photo ops to media prior the release of her debut, while most newcomers today are exposed way too much before the release of their debut.

    So why is Urvashi Sharma who should be grabbing utmost media coverage right now kept under wraps? Ramesh Taurani, head honcho of TIPS Music justifies this as a part of a strategy thought through by them. He explains that, " Urvashi's character is integral to the central plot of the film, and by far we have kept her under wraps. We want the audience to judge her performance unbiased."

    Today the audience is bombarded with new actors almost every Friday; Urvashi is very much in this race of Bollywood but is here to prove her worth only through her acting prowess. She has not only made an impact on the producers, but as a newcomer has also made a tremendous impact on her co-stars, Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna.

    The mystery revolves around Urvashi, although this character would have demanded a seasoned actor, Akshaye Khanna defends that, Naqaab needed a girl with no image and Urvashi is the perfect find, her face and body language suits the part." Bobby Deol concludes by saying that, "it was a pleasure working with Urvashi and for a newcomer she is supremely confident and professional".

    The coming year will witness a lot of model-turned actors, but only time will tell whose worthy of accolades. We certainly see the spark in Urvashi and from the promos of Naqaab, she ain't that far from super stardom!

    Bollywood News : Urvashi Sharma - Tips new discovery in Naqaab

    Bobby Deol in high spirits

    2007/7/5 11:10:35

    Bobby Deol is riding high on success these days. Having received rave reviews for both his films Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Apne he is all geared up for his next release Naqaab where he plays a multimillionaire.

    "It is an edge-of-the-seat thriller and Abbas and Mustan are the masters in this genre. The suspense is there from the beginning. It will shock the audience," said Bobby. His character in Naqaab has shades of grey.

    "It revolves around the three main characters. Each one has his/her past. If it is revealed, then it will shatter their lives forever. This story has been taken from day-to-day life," he added. To suit the multi millionaire character played by Bobby his styling for the film has been elaborate, wherein his wardrobe alone costs a whopping Rs.5 million.

    When enquired, Bobby laughed it off saying: "That's Falguni's (the designer's) department. But, yes, I love brands and I am sporting a lot of them in Naqaab .

    "Falguni has done a fantastic job. As my character requires a rich look, keeping it in her mind Falguni has made all the characters that way. She has given a different look to the suits, which I wear in the film. Colours are beautifully used. In short, Falguni has given a different dimension to my clothes altogether."

    This is Bobby's second movie with Abbas-Mustan and also the second time he is acting with Akshaye Khanna after Humraaz .

    "Working with Akshaye after Humraaz is good. Akshaye is talented and extremely professional. And above all he is a very good human being. It was a great fun to work with him again."

    The pretty damsel giving company to these two men in the flick is Urvashi Sharma.

    Bollywood News : Bobby Deol in high spirits

    Look who's set to unseat Himesh?

    2007/6/14 11:05:50

    A new music director is making waves in Bollywood. He has got a beard, he also sings and is in a movie too. No, he is not Himesh Reshamiyya but the challenger to his post music director Pritam Chakraborthy.

    Himesh was the unlikely singing sensation whose phenomenal success made the world sway to his tunes but now he has some serious competition in the name of Pritam, who has had a string of musical hits with Dhoom 2 and Life in a Metro that has audiences and critics tuning in to his rock themed songs.

    His appearance in the videos of Metro isn't what he considers a big deal. Instead, he finds the success of rock in films more inspiring.

    "I am lucky that my director and producer supported me and now Metro has caught on. Rock has been more or less ignored by Bollywood so far, Pritam said.

    Just as Himesh has his distinct style of music, Pritam's blend of ethnic international beats with filmy sounds has carved a niche for him. And he plans to use the same technique in his forthcoming flicks like Naqaab and Awarapan.

    "I have used flamenco sound for the first time in Naqaab. With Awarapan, the raw appeal of Pakistani sufi will hit the right chord, Pritam said.

    In terms of hits and misses, both Himesh and Pritam seem to be even so far.

    The year ahead has four major filmy albums from Himesh and five from Pritam. Hopefully, for the sake of our ears, only one of the two will end up as the winner and no prizes for guessing who that should be.

    Bollywood News : Look who's set to unseat Himesh?

    Crucial July for Abbas-Mustan, David Dhawan and Anubhav Sinha

    2007/7/7 11:21:51

    While each of the three films, NAQAAB, PARTNER and CASH look hot at the box office, for their makers it is going to some crucial times ahead.

    Reason? For each of them their last three films didn't actually get much commercial or critical acclaim. For Abbas Mustan, their last outing 36 CHINA TOWN was going fine till the very end when the revelation of the suspense turned out to be a damp squib. Result was that audience wasn't too pleased and the film barely managed to barely scrape through at the box office.

    Ditto for David's SHAADI NO. 1 where the comedy fell flat with ever so reliable Sanjay Dutt turning out to be the film's weakest link. In spite of being a Diwali release, the film couldn't be more than coverage for its investors.

    Anubahv Sinha had the worst outing of all as his Sanjay Dutt starrer TATHASTU barely got a good release and vanished without a trace. In spite of being a sensitive tale told well, the film suffered due to poor promotion and couldn't create any awareness amongst the audience around its release.

    Nevertheless, Sinha would hardly complain about the same now since his CASH is being backed with tremendous promotion. Same hold good for both NAQAAB and PARTNER, each of which is expected to work wonders at the box office.

    Bollywood News : Crucial July for Abbas-Mustan, David Dhawan and Anubhav Sinha

    Javed Ali gets ICY N SPICY

    2007/8/14 15:11:57

    Javed Ali is one proud singer who cannot stop grinning.

    Javed has sung for the 3D Animation film 'Icy n Spicy' which has been directed by Anil Goyal. Javed was called for song recording to sing only one single song at Virgin Records but so good was his voice and control that he was asked to sing two songs instead.

    "I was really thrilled because this is akin to an award for somebody who is comparatively new. Other singers are all veterans who have lent their voice for this film," comments Javed. Other singers are people like Shaan, Udit Narayan, Hariharan, Vasundara Das and Madushree. Music is composed by Dilip Sen.

    Javed Ali is also in the news with his hit number 'Ek Din Teri Rahoon mein' in 'Naqaab'. His forthcoming films are 'Jodha Akbar', 'Aaja Nachle'. He has also sung songs for Imtiyaz Ali's next untitled film with Kareena and Shahid Kapur. He has sung 'alaap' for the song sung by Shaan for the film Marigold. In addition, he has also sung two songs for just released film 'My Friend Ganesha'.


    Beti No. 1 Chori chori aakh ladi

    Haasil Ab ghar aaja (classical) & Tu hi tu with Roopkumar Rathod

    Chameli Bheegi hui koi shaam with Sunidhi

    Kyun ho gaya na Baat samajha karo for (Sunil Shetty)

    Malamaal Weekly All the songs

    Bunty Aur Babli Kajra re for Abhishek

    Neel & Niki Aakh ladiye

    Golmaal Rahe ja rahe ja re

    Dhoom 2 My name is Ali (in Telegu & Tamil)

    Choodiyan Aaj hai bete ka byaha

    Zindagi Rocks Meri dhoop hai tu, Meri Chhav hai tu

    Naqaab Ek din teri raho me nigahe

    Bollywood News : Javed Ali gets ICY N SPICY

    Bobby Deol emotional about his Apne

    2007/6/18 11:00:28

    Bobby Deol is excited as he has four films lined up for release in the forthcoming months.Yash Chopra's Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Anil Sharma's Apne, Sameer Karnik's Nanhe Jaisalmer and Abbas Mustan's Naqaab. But it's Apne, which is closest to his heart. Bobby says that he is looking forward to this film as it was for the first time that all the three deolswere working together and that made him emotional about this film..

    Bollywood News : Bobby Deol emotional about his Apne

    Urvashi Sharma's daredevil stunt

    2007/7/9 10:39:11

    Debutante Urvashi Sharma sure has lots of guts. This she proved during the shooting of Naqaab in Dubai. The actress insisted that she be allowed to do a stunt on a speed boat all by herself. After much debate, director duo Abbas-Mustan agreed to it the condition that Urvashi would drive the speedboat slow. However, when the cameras started rolling, off went Urvashi at breakneck speed. The unit members and co-actors watching her got really worried.

    A source said: "It was dangerous and anything could have happened to her. Her speedboat could have collided with some other boat. Must say, Urvashi displayed such confidence. We were all awestruck."

    The director duo just couldn't stop showering praises on their daredevil lady lead. "She has done an exceptional job. We are very impressed by her commitment", they beamed. Now, with such a reputation in her very first film finding her feet in Bollywood shouldn't be too big a task for the actress. The buzz is she has already signed an 8-film deal with TIPS. Way to go!

    Bollywood News : Urvashi Sharma's daredevil stunt

    Tips Films trendsetter in producing different films

    2007/6/14 11:58:37

    Tips Films has been a trend setter in producing different kind of movies. May it be a social family drama or a horror movie or a simple romantic movie or a suspense thriller? They have produced twenty musical blockbusters under their banner. Some of them are biggest hits of their time, like " Soldier", " Kya Kehna", " Ishq Vishk", "Raaz", "Coolie No 1" Kachche Dhaage, "Dil Hai Tumhara", " Fida" and many more. TIPS Films has successfully tapped every genre of movies from comedy to suspense thrillers. Tips has always shown a sign of class and quality in their movies.

    Their soon to be released film 'NAQAAB' is slated to be the most shocking thriller of the year, starring Akshaye Khanna, Bobby Deol, Urvashi Sharma. The film is directed by the master in this genre of thrillers, ABBAS-MUSTAN, with maximum of thriller hits under their belt. Tips film producer, Ramesh Taurani has brought the duo again to direct 'NAQAAB' after the success of 'SOLDIER'

    Also " Kya Kehna" was a different movie on unmarried motherhood and how one unmarried girl in our society and her family got humiliated by her unwanted pregnancy by her friends and relatives and how she overcomes with that. It's a totally different from other films and Preity Zinta's performance was appreciated by everybody. Besides these social movies they have come up with supernatural thriller film like " Raaz" with Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea.

    Later they made a soft romantic college days story "Isha Vishk" with two new comers Shahid Kapur and Amrita Rao. It was a soft romantic story and was the biggest hit of that year and was popular in younger generation. For this musical romantic saga Shahid Kapur who had made his debut in this movie and Amrita Rao got noticed by the public and the producers and directors.

    Again they produced another kind of a film called "Coolie No.1" with director David Dhawan. It was a total comedy and had the entire masala stuff. Songs were very peppy and star cast were superb-----Govinda, Karishma Kapoor, Kader Khan-----all the stalwarts had made this picture a "Movie No. 1".

    Besides they have produced some musical thrillers which hit at the box office from the very first day. " Fida" was a different kind of a thriller where they had shown how a simple middle class guy, played by Shahid Kapur, trapped by deception.

    After that they have made a historical movie, shifted from making thrillers and romantic saga, and made a film on Shaheed Bhagat Singh, "The Legend Of Bhagat Singh" with the famous director Raj Kumar Santoshi and this movie got them a Natioanl Award.

    Tips Films has their own style of producing films and has their own style of promoting films and they have shown a sign of class and quality in their movies.

    TIPS Films next film 'RACE' under production, starring Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Sameera Reddy to be again directed by ABBAS- MUSTAN has already been creating quite a buzz.

    Bollywood News : Tips Films trendsetter in producing different films

    Bobby Deol to play Bihari tramp in Chamkoo

    2007/7/25 11:05:47

    Sometimes the casting of a film in our film industry turns up to be as interesting as the film itself, if not more. Director Kabeer Kaushik had meant to cast Bobby Deol in his debut film Sehar. But Bobby wasn't prepared to go into the dark territory of crime and law-enforcement in Bihar. So he said no.

    The role of cop battling boorishness in the backyards of Bihar went to Arshad Warsi who Bobby admits, did a brilliant job.

    Fast-forward to three years later. Kabeer Kaushik is all set to make a strangely titled film called Chamkoo about the journey of a Bihari youth into Mumbai's underworld. And this time Bobby is all set to take the plunge into the dark regions of the human heart.

    Would Bobby's makeover as a Bihari vagabond be as complete as Saif Ali Khan's transformation into the uncouth Meerut-bossy in Omkara?

    "I don't know about that," chuckles Bobby. "I don't think Kabeer Kaushik's film has to do that much with Bihar. My character moves to Mumbai pretty early in the script. Actually, Kabeer had come to me with Sehar. But at that time I had a psychological block about new directors. I know that's strange considering my brother Sunny has worked with the maximum number of new directors. But today I've the confidence to move away from my rich-boy image and attempt something dark grim at the grassroot level."

    Bobby's confidence level has been on the upswing ever since he played the jealous musician in Suneel Darshan's Shaka Laka Boom Boom.

    "I guess it provoked me into exploring the dark region of my personality. Even my latest film Naqaab pretty much explores the grey side. I think Kabeer Kaushik's film will take me further down that unlit road. At this stage of my career its fun to explore unpredictable characters. I'm rather tired of playing the suave rich character."

    Whether Bobby will cut his long-flowing hair for Kaushik's film or incorporate it into his character, he doesn't know.

    The tight-lipped Kaushik is working on a special look for Bobby.

    Bollywood News : Bobby Deol to play Bihari tramp in Chamkoo

    Jagjit's voice not suited for films: Lata

    2011/10/12 11:59:39 Lata Mangeshkar recalls how the voice of late singer Jagjit Singh was initially seen as not suited for film heroes but he later got popular in movies after his success outside Bollywood.

    The first time Lata heard about Jagjit was when she was recording with the ghazal-composing genius Madan Mohan.

    "I asked Madan why he didn't get this new singer to sing for him. Somewhere Jagjit's voice was not seen suited for film heroes at that time," Lata told IANS.

    "When I heard his voice I was bowled over. I used to tell music composers about his promising voice. But I guess he was destined to find fame outside movies. Of course, that changed. As time passed, his voice became a household name and he sang for many film heroes," she added.

    Lata remembered going ballistic over a song by Jagjit who passed away two days ago.

    "It was 'Sarakti jaye hai rukh se naqaab ahista ahista'. I just couldn't get it out of my head. I bought the album 'The Unforgettables' which contained that ghazal," she said.

    In 1991, Lata recorded the historic album "Sajda" with Jagjit. It remains to this day a classic.

    "Initially 'Sajda' was supposed to have only my singing and Jagjit's compositions. I told him we had to have his singing in 'Sajda'. This was my chance to sing with a voice I had liked for years. I wasn't going to let go of it that easily," she said.

    "My only request to him was to not give me ghazals about sharaab (alcohol) and mehkhana (bar). He said he was against ghazals that extolled intoxication," she added.

    The 82-year-old singer recalled Jagjit getting emotional when she sang his composition "Dard se mera daaman bhar de".

    "He was going through a time of personal tragedy. The song touched his heart. But my song from 'Sajda' that both Jagjit and (his wife) Chitra liked the best was 'Dhuan banake fiza mein uda diya mujhko."

    Jagjit even released Lata's ghazal album "Saadgi" in 2007.

    The ghazal king died at the Lilavati Hospital here Monday following brain haemorrhage. He was 70.

    The singer gave the industry memorable numbers like "Hontho se chhoo lo tum" ("Prem Geet"), "Tumko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya" ("Saath Saath"), "Jhuki jhuki si nazar" ("Arth"), "Hoshwalon ko khabar kya" ("Sarfarosh") and "Badi nazuk hai" ("Jogger's Park").

    Bollywood News : Jagjit's voice not suited for films: Lata

    Steal Factory

    2007/8/22 10:14:36

    Recently, the David Dhawan chuckle-jerker Partner tumbled into trouble zone. Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment was said to be contemplating a $ 30-million lawsuit for plagiarising Hitch. That's a rare instance of a Hollywood inspired' product being threatened with legal action.

    Suddenly, the print and electronic media were reporting on the Partner-Hitch glitch. Then there was no more news about the case, which it was stated, would be filed in a UK court. Trade talk is that timely intervention by the UTV boss Ronnie Screwvala proved to be a face-saver for Dhawan and Co.

    But but but.. if you scan two out of three made-in-Bombay movies, they appear to have been inspired by DVDs. And it's not only Hollywood that's the muse today. Korean actioners . and horror flicks, poignant Spanish dramas and French comedies have become rich source material too.

    Currently, talk is that Sanjay Leela Bhansali's much-discussed love story, Saawariya, is a riff on White Nights (made in three versions by Luchino Visconti as Le Notti Bianche in 1957, Robert Bresson as Four Nights of a Dreamer in 1971 and Alain Silver as White Nights in 2005).

    Since a vigil of sorts is out, there is every likelihood that Bhansali's romancer will acknowledge its source material.

    Real thing
    Lately, there was a controversy at the National Film Awards.. one of the jury members objected to the awards for Bhansali's Black, pointing out that it was derived from The Miracle Worker (1962). The contention was that awards are open only to "original" films.

    Meanwhile, frazzled by the Partner-Hitch controversy, the Dhawan camp has been evading questioning. The usually media friendly Dhawan is unreachable. Dialogue writer Sanjay Chhel says he is ignorant of the news. Ram Mirchandani of UTV refuses to comment. Parag Sanghvi, producer of Partner, says, "We didn't get any notice from the producers of Hitch. This is a media created controversy. Seven hundred films are made every year. Can all of them be original?"

    Lately, there was a controversy at the National Film Awards.. one of the jury members objected to the awards for Bhansali's Black, pointing out that it was derived from The Miracle Worker (1962)

    List goes on
    That's logic. Perhaps rip-offs have been as common as songs-and-dances in the mainstream movies. To cite recent random examples: Naqaab (Dot the I), Bheja Fry (French comedy Le Diner de Cons), The Killer (Collateral) and Malamaal Weekly (Waking Ned) and Zinda (Korea's Old Boy).

    Or take Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya (Picture Perfect), Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega (Wedding Singer), Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye (While You were Sleeping), Dhai Akshar Prem Ke (A Walk in the Clouds), Pyar to Hona Hi Tha (French Kiss) and Sirf Tum (You've Got Mail).

    Unbeknownst to many, Vishal Bhardwaj had to drop the idea of adapting the play The Same Time Next Year into a film titled Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta. Why? The right holders quoted such an exorbitant price that Bhardwaj had to look the other way .

    Bollywood News : Steal Factory


    2008/1/1 8:38:52

    2007 for Bollywood was nothing less than a surprise element. Apparently the year was quite unusual for the film industry in terms of events, films, promotions, box office disasters, popular controversies, gossips, etc�but what really made Bollywood talk of the tinsel town was 'THE NEWCOMERS'. This year Bollywood seemed to show more curiosity in inundating the debutants heartily, publicizing them at larger extent. Few debuts managed to be in the limelight beyond their films. And the most amazing element about these newcomers was that they were made brand endorsers for giant Brands like Reebok, Wrangler and Levis Strauss...etc

    Attitude babe Jiah Khan
    She was the foremost lady on Bollywood chart of debutants to make a remarkable entry with Shehnshah Bachchan (Amitabh bachchan). With her self-assured attitude and laudable bold performance, she managed to be one of the most promising new competitors in the market. While many other established actors crave to share screen space with the megastar of Bollywood, this 19 year teenage full of liveliness easily got her hands on the opportunity to act in a big banner (RGV) and with megastar Mr. Bachchan. Ramu is well known for his experimental cinema and launching new faces, Jiah was assumed to be next big thing in the RGV factory. She also appeared in one of the sexy music videos lending her voice and recently being the first wrangler girl to endorse it (earlier John was the brand endorser). This debut seems to be here to enjoy only the larger chunk of pie, as her next flick being with perfectionist Aamir Khan. Let's wait to see her how far she heads!

    Endearing Hansika Motwani

    She was one of the eye-openers for the industry, not just Bollywood but even television industry was bewildered to discover this girl's entry as an actress. She has been a talented child artist, just 3-4 years back, who performed memorable roles in many pictures and the TV serials popularly in Ekta Kapoor's most famous daily soap 'kyunki...' and Hrithik Roshan starrer film KOI MIL GAYA. She emerged in news because of her debut as a leading actress in Bollywood with none other than Himesh Reshammiya in AAP KAA SURROOR. She happens to be youngest of all and looks equally cute; she made a bright mark through her fabulous performance. Well she began her career quite early like Karishma Kapoor, one will have to wait and see if she does get a similar response!

    Stunning Urvashi Sharma
    The mesmerizing beauty made her debut in Bollywood with Abbas-Mastan's romantic thriller NAQAAB opposite stars Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna with her reasonable performance. Though she got recognition because of her few bold scenes and signing an 8-film deal with TIPS, but the film bombed at the ticket window. Delhi based damsel landed in city of dreams Mumbai to accomplish her aspirations. Before stepping in films she already made her presence felt in a few ads and music videos, eminent one being Atif Aslam's 'Doorie', where she made her face and tears do all the talking. Well, even we are waiting for her 8 films with Tips to come!

    Simple Sagarika Ghatge
    Chak de fame Preeti Sabarwal aka Sagrika Ghatge can't just get enough from the amount of response she got. Though it happens to be SRK's film and the entire chak de team (of girls) have equally performed well, but Sagarika managed to set her unique spot through her strong character (Preeti Sabarwal), which also made her the recent and first girl brand ambassador for Reebok and also endorsing Babita Malkani, renowned Fashion designer's, collection 'Freedom'. After Jiah Khan and Deepika Padukone she happens to be another lucky one to debut with superstar. Well we hope the same performance to continue from her forthcoming movies!

    Sizzling Sayali Bhagat
    Ex-Miss India World 2004, like other beauty contest winners she too stepped in the film industry to make a big name. She made her debut with THE TRAIN: SOME LINES SHOULD NEVER BE CROSSED, co-staring Emraan Hashmi and Geeta Basra. The film bombed at the box office and couldn't fetch enough recognition for her. She happens to be a brand ambassador for 'Kisna Jwellery'. We hope Sayali can make a mark through her films and not through hearsay!

    Charming Gaddar Neil Nitin Mukesh
    His magical performance has already cast its spell. From the very first movie JOHNNY GADDAR he astonished the filmmakers through his awesome performance. While the film didn't perform outstandingly well at ticket counters, but his performance enticed filmmakers like Sudhir Mishra to quickly sign him. His upcoming flick is TERA KYA HOGA JOHNNY? (Seems like he considers 'Johnny' to be lucky). He is the son of singer Nitin Mukesh and the grandson of the noted singer Mukesh. This khandani boy rather chose to act than continue the trend of play back singing like his family. He also did a cameo as child artist in JAISI KARNI WAISI BHARNI (1989). We surely hope this Johnny aka Neil to climb the ladder through his hardworking performance and not through gaddari.

    Tall beauty Nikita Anand
    Ex-Miss India Universe of 2003 made her debut under Prakash Jha productions without making much noise. Film DIL, DOSTI, ETC. did a quiet entry and managed to do some business. The film could not sustain much at the box office and also the gorgeous Nikita Aanad went unnoticed. She couldn't acquire enough space to deliver her acting skills, as the film seemed to be entirely in the pockets of Shreyas Talpade. Well we wish her luck for the coming Bollywood year; hope this time she gets noticed and enough platforms to perform.

    Effervescent Sonam Kapoor
    Daughter of the ever-so-young 'lakhans' Anil Kapoor, initially assisted headstrong director Sanjay Leela Bhansali in his film BLACK. This new entrant in Bollywood has already amassed Stardom tag even before the much hyped SAAWARIYA released. Though her film failed to retain the audience, but the amount of stardom she pulled off because of too many factors like her being a star kid, making a debut with big banner and director, starring opposite star kid Ranbir Kapoor, cut throat competition against SRK's OSO, her being constantly compared with Deepika Padukone was more than enough to get the publicity and make a presence in the directors' 'most wanted' list. Her performance was also quite good. Currently she is filming for upcoming flick DILLI 6. Hope this Papas Girl does really well like her father Anil Kapoor has achieved!

    A Kapoor 'Chirag' Ranbir Kapoor
    He is on top of the hot list of Bollywood debutants. He has already started bagging awards, like the recent one being Star's Sabsey Favourite Kaun Awards, Sabsey Favourite Naya Hero. Son of Neetu Singh Kapoor & Rishi Kapoor and Grandson of Showman Raj Kapoor is under sky-scraping expectations to continue the eternal Kapoor filmy tradition. After Hrithik Roshan, He's being expected as a next big thing in Bollywood and female charmer. What makes a win-win situation for him is that he not only looks handsome, but also carries sincerity in his performance. If his performance persists in the similar fashion, surely this lad will take the Kapoor Khandaan on Cloud Nine. We definitely would love to see this boy following the footprints of his grandfather and father and take the Kapoor flag higher in days to come.

    Flawless beauty Deepika Padukone
    The next big thing and most sought after actor in the current calendar. This dazzling model turned leading debut actor marked her prominence even before the release of the film OSO. Infact, because of this stardom she is the only and first debutant who did maximum endorsements this year. Despite the fact that she is just one film old she is already positioned as the most promising superstar for upcoming years. Very few people get an opportunity to share a screen space with the superstar Shahrukh khan and Deepika happens to be one such fortunate artist. Because of her larger than life exposure and stardom she is the newest demand of directors, she is being compared with the queen of Bollywood Aishwarya Rai. Hope this spanking new beauty continues to capture million hearts as she is doing now!

    Bollywood News : TOP TEN NEWCOMERS OF 2007

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