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on 2007/2/9 18:06:43

Venkatesh Loves Old Songs

The dashing hero Venkatesh has an interesting taste, which is known to very few people. While many heroes are ken to listen to the latest music and tunes, Venkatesh loves the songs of yesteryears.

He says that the songs of the 50s and 60’s have some very good music and are evergreen. He says that their popularity and value can be gauged from the fact that they are regularly used for remix songs. His favorite song is ‘Adavari Maatalaku Ardhaale Veerule’.


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    Venkatesh wants to do more item songs

    2007/11/9 15:11:06 Victory Venkatesh is happy at the success of his lattés film Tulasi. The movie has given him three hits in a row. Venkatesh is also impressed with the responses to the item song in the film. Shreya danced with Venkatesh for the hot item number.

    Normally, there will not be an item song in any Venkatesh film,. But he made an exception for Tulasi. Now, after looking at the response, Venkatesh now wants to have at least one item song in all his new films.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venkatesh wants to do more item songs

    AMAV producers after Venkatesh

    2007/6/21 9:49:03

    The Venkatesh starred film Adavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule has competed 50 days and is on its way to celebrate 100 days. The film is one of the biggest hits in the career of Venkatesh. All this has pleased the producers SN Ashok Kumar and NV Prasad immensely. They are so happy with Venkatesh that they are now eager to do another film with Venkatesh.

    They say that Venkatesh is a producers’ hero and all his film guarantee good returns at the box office. The duo however will have to wait for some time as Venkatesh is currently busy with a home production. Brother Suresh Babu is making a movie which is currently underway.

    Telugu Cinema News : AMAV producers after Venkatesh

    'Bhadrachalam Bachelors' in songs recording

    2008/2/8 8:30:05 Recording of songs has begun for 'Bhadrachalam Bachelors' (Ramadasulu kaaru Premadasulu) directed by Parakoti Balaji and produced by Velpula Venkatesh and Lakshmi Balaji on the banner of Sri Sivashakti Art Creations was launched recently with the recording of a sloka on Lord Ganesh at Sampath Studio.

    The film has five heroes and heroines and is being made a youthful entertainer. The regular shooting would begin from February 20 at Hyderabad. Suman, Bhanuchander, Prabhakar, MS Narayana, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao and others are in the cast. Camera is by Tirumal, music is by Tandra brothers, Story, dialogues and lyrics are by Velupla Venkatesh while screenplay and direction are by Parakoti Balaji.

    Andhra News :  'Bhadrachalam Bachelors' in songs recording

    Canning of songs is in progress for 'Railway Gate'

    2006/10/21 12:44:41 Canning of songs is in progress for 'Railway Gate' directed by Sri Sai Venkatesh KR and produced by T Srinivas on the banner of Sri Santoshini Films with Prithvi as hero and Puja as heroine. Producer Srinivas says, 'We started shooting songs from October 16. One song was choreographed on Suman Shetty and some other dancers under the direction of Nani. The title song is yet to be canned. We will wrap up the shoot with the canning of that title song. We are planning to release the film in the first week of November.' Sudhakar, Costumes Krishna, Srinivasa Varma, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Raghunatha Reddy, Hemasundar, Junior Relangi, Ajay Ratnam, Abhinayasri, Mona Chopra, Bhargavi, Soni, Lahari, Ashalata and others are in the cast. Camera is by Jyothi Shyam and Parandham, while music is by Gorantla Krishna. Story, screenplay and direction are by Sri Sai Venkatesh KR.

    Telugu Cinema News : Canning of songs is in progress for 'Railway Gate'

    'Railway Gate' cans songs

    2006/10/30 15:05:12 Canning of songs is in progress for 'Railway Gate' directed by Sri Sai Venkatesh and produced by T Srinivas on the banner of Sri Santoshini Films with Prithvi and Puja in the lead. Producer Srinivas says, 'A song is being choreographed on Suman Setty and other dancers under the direction of Nani. The shooting of the film would be complete with the picturisation of the title song. We are planning to release the film by the end of November.' Sudhakar, Costumes Krishna, Raghunatha Reddy, Suman Setty, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Jr Relangi, Abhinayasri, Monachopra, Sarika Ramachandra Rao and others are in the cast. Camera is by Jyothi Shyam, Parandham and dialogues are by Boinpally Ramana. While Rajyalakshmi and Jamuna are the presenters, story, screenplay and direction are by Sri Sai Venkatesh.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Railway Gate' cans songs

    Venky fears these two girls

    2010/11/20 9:34:28

    Whom does Victory Venkatesh fear the most after the release of his new film? Not the film critics or the industry talk.

    Venkatesh is afraid of the criticism of his daughter. Venkatesh’s daughter analyses each and every new film of his and criticizes all the weak points bluntly. Venkatesh’s niece also has now joined his daughter in analyzing his films.

    So it is these two girls Venkatesh fears the most whenever his new film hits the screens.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venky fears these two girls

    Venky@ Chintakayala Ravi

    2007/12/18 17:10:40 Victory Venkatesh’s next film has been finalized. Venkatesh will do a film for Nallamalapu Srinivas. Yogi will direct the film. Venkatesh will pair up with Anushka for the first time with this film.

    Bollywood music director duo Vishal-Shekar will sore the music for the film.
    The film has been tentatively titled as ‘Chintakayala Ravi’. Venkatesh will play a software professional in the film. The film will hit the floor in the January.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venky@ Chintakayala Ravi

    Venkatesh on a 'Victory' march

    2008/4/22 14:29:08

    Venkatesh is known popularly as 'victory' Venkatesh. He is now justifying it completely. Venkatesh has become the most bankable stars for producer and directors. His films are always made with a modest budget but they all do well at the box office, bringing good profits for everyone, producers, distributors and buyers.

    Venkatesh' last three films, Lakshmi, Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Veruele and 'Tulasi' were big hits at the box office. His next film is 'Chintakyala Ravi'. He is playing a software engineer in the film. Anushka is the heroine. The film is generating a lot of interest among the distributors and buyers. The film appears to be a surefire hit going by Venkatesh's track record in recent times.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venkatesh on a 'Victory' march

    Venkatesh wants to uplift flop director?

    2010/10/21 20:26:44
    Victory Venkatesh, who is enjoying a very good success rate through out his career, is planning to give his helping hand to flop director Teja to uplift his career. According to latest information, Teja who distances away from the industry for the last two years, recently met Venkatesh in a private function held at Hyderabad. During that time, Teja somehow convinced Venkatesh to do his film. Venkatesh, who was also very much impressed with his script, gave him a nod to go ahead with the project.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venkatesh wants to uplift flop director?

    Venkatesh look's fresh in 'Tulasi'

    2007/10/2 9:16:30

    It is well aware that the audio of 'Tulasi' directed by Boyapati Srinivas and produced by D Sureshbabu on the banner of Suresh Productions with Venkatesh and Nayanatara in the lead was released into the market, and there is a very good response to the audio.

    To mark the occasion, fans of Venkatesh had organised a felicitation programme for the music director Devisri Prasad and director Boyapati Srinivas. Speaking at the function, Boyapati Srinu says, 'You can find Venkatesh with a new look.' Devisri Prasad says, 'For the first time, I scored music for Venkatesh movie.

    I took it as a challenge in giving tunes to all the songs. The film is coming up with a very good story. The film has good scope not only for action but also for music. Especially, there is a tremendous response to the song 'Nee Kallathone Naa Kallaloki' scripted by Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar.

    We thank the audiences and for making the audio a big hit.' Writer Bhaskarabhatla says, 'My wish to pen a melodious song for Venkatesh's film was fulfilled with this song.' Director says, 'I attribute the success of the audio to Venkatesh and the producer Sureshbabu, who gave me a free hand in extracting good tunes from the music director.

    I assure you that their choreography and screen presence would also be very impressive. Even the re-recording also suited in an apt way to this high voltage film.' The producer is making efforts to release the film in the second week of October.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venkatesh look's fresh in 'Tulasi'

    Venkatesh’s victory

    2007/11/30 13:56:10 Victory Venkatesh has notched up another victory. His film Tulasi has completed 50 days run. And it has set a new record too. The film has run successfully at 225 theatres across the state. Nayanatara is the heroine. Venkatesh has not yet made up his mind on his next film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venkatesh’s victory

    Venkatesh worried over Rajni factor

    2010/12/1 11:02:35

    Venkatesh’s new film Nagavalli is all set to hit the screens on December 16. The film is a sequel to the hit film Chandramukhi.

    Rajnikanth was the star hero in Chandramukhi. Venkatesh who is doing the sequel Nagavalli is a bit apprehensive as the fans would compare him with Rajnikanth.

    So Victory Venkatesh is asking everyone to see him perform in his own style and not compare him with Rajnikanth.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venkatesh worried over Rajni factor

    Sporting star is Venky

    2006/6/16 15:49:50

    Football fever is sweeping all over. The world is eating and sleeping soccer.

    But what of Tollywood? Well, most Tolllywood stars are interested in football. But they don't wear their passion for the game as much as they do their love for cricket.

    But Venkatesh is different.

    The lanky star is one sports buff who loves taking efforts to watch match in real.

    He went to the World Cup cricket some time back. This year he was at hand in Pakistan to cheer the Indians when they took on their arch rivals.

    Now, he is all ready to take off to Germany to have a first-hand feel of the soccer fiesta.

    Sources says Venkatesh may get to stay in Germany for 15 days.

    Watching sports provides the kick for this sporting star certainly.


    Telugu Cinema News : Sporting star is Venky

    Venky recommends Priyamani

    2011/9/23 18:42:30

    Victory Venkatesh is now busy with the film Bodyguard. The film is a remake of the hit Malayalam film with the same name.

    After Bodyguard Venkatesh will do a film based on a novel subject. It is understood that Venkatesh has suggested to the director to cast Priyamani as heroine in the film.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Venky recommends Priyamani

    Venkatesh off to Mohali!

    2011/3/30 9:53:05

    Victory Venkatesh is off to Mohali. Venkatesh along with his brother Suresh Babu has left for Mohali to watch the semi-final match between India and Pakistan.

    Some top Bollywood actors too are on their way to Mohali, among them are Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan too will be spotted at the stadium.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venkatesh off to Mohali!

    'Punnami Vennela' completes shoot

    2006/11/25 12:44:13 The shooting of 'Punnami Vennela' directed by Krishna Mamidi and produced by Dr V Kusuma S Rao on the banner of Vijayasai Creations with Vasu and Varshini in the lead was wrapped up recently. Director Krishna Mamidi says, 'The movie has film industry in its backdrop. An assistant director dreams of becoming a director. Despite financial problems he makes a girl whom he comes across as heroine. Though he loves her he did not reveal it. Will he be able to reveal his love as she became a noted heroine or not is the subject of the film? There are five songs and four big songs in the film and Sundaran JV gave melodious tunes to all the songs. We will release the audio very soon and it was planned to release the film in December.'

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Punnami Vennela' completes shoot

    Chiru and chicken curry

    2007/7/7 12:26:16

    Chiru loves chicken. But before any MNC like KFC or others approach him to endorse their brand, we would like to make one think clear. He only loves home made chicken and that too Andhra Style. He loves the chicken curry and other delicacies mad by his mother and relishes them during festivals.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru and chicken curry

    'Chintakayala Ravi' in America

    2008/5/17 15:37:15

    The Venkatesh, Anushka and Mamatha Mohandas starrer 'Chintakayala Ravi' is progressing briskly. The next schedule o the film will take place in the US from May 20. Two songs and some key scenes will be shot in this schedule. Venkatesh plays a software engineer in the film.

    The film will be a comic entertainer. Ali, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, MS Narayana and others are among the star cast. Nallamalupu Srinivas is making the film on the Lakshmi Narasimha Productions banner. Yogi is the director.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Chintakayala Ravi' in America

    Venkatesh with Pawan Kalyan

    2007/12/7 15:19:13 Victory Venkatesh is yet to make up his mind about his next film after Tulasi. But he says that he is going through some scripts and will finalize the film in the next ten days.

    Venkatesh is also ready to star with Pawan Kalyan in a film. But so far neither he nor Pawan Kalyan could come across a suitable script. The day they find a good script, they will begin work on the film. Hope the day will come in the near future.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venkatesh with Pawan Kalyan

    Venkatesh as Swami Vivekananda

    2011/4/16 12:22:23
    After experiencing a good film like Chandramukhi by Rajinikanth, its much boasted sequel film ‘Nagavalli’ not only disappoints the audiences but also it’s hero Venkatesh. Hence, he took a brief interval to digest the sour experience. Then, he signed his next film tentatively titled as Savitri and Trisha will be pairing with him in the film. The latest news is Venkatesh has agreed to act as Swami Vivekananda in a TV serial. The full details of this project will be announced soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Venkatesh as Swami Vivekananda

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