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on 2007/6/14 9:27:31

Vijayachander donates land for 'Old Age City'

Vijayachander became popular by portraying the roles of Jesus Christ, Shirdi Sai Baba, and Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu. He earned a different image in the film industry and also among the Telugu audiences. This popular artiste had donated an 18-acre land near Kukatpally for the construction of Old Age City for the benefit of old cine artistes.

The registered documents of the land were handed over to the film industry through Dr Akkineni Nageswara Rao at AP Film Chamber recently. A part of the land was also given to the Movie Artistes Association (MAA). Vijayachander says, 'It is Adurthi Subba Rao and Akkineni Nageswara Rao who introduced me to the film industry through 'Maro Prapancham'.

I am at this stage now because of the film industry. I had a serious thought of doing something for the film industry. I would like to acquire and donate land to the workers of all the 24 crafts in the film industry. I thank the producers' council which had cooperated with me in this regard.' Nagababu, Muralimohan, Sagar, Paruchuri brothers, SV Krishna Reddy, C Kalyan, Srihari and others attended the programme.

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    No takers for “Knowledge City’

    2007/3/13 15:24:40 The efforts of the state government to sell land in the SEZ at Rayadurg near Hyderabad have been met with a cold response.

    The state government had given the land to APIDC to enable it to sell it to the highest bidders. However, there were n bidders for the land. The APIDC has now decided to postpone the bidding once again.

    The real estate people say that the high offset price and the stringent payments norms have put off many MNCs and other Indian companies from bidding for the land. The APIDC has set an offset price of Rs. 16 crore per acre at Rayadurg.

    Andhra News : No takers for “Knowledge City’

    Govt. Takes Back Padmalaya Land

    2007/4/2 16:24:26 The state government on Saturday took back a part of the land allotted to superstar Krishna for setting up Padmalaya studios. The move came after Krishna failed to give a satisfactory reply to the government notice on the sale of land against the rules.

    Padmalaya studios reportedly sold the land to the Zee films corporation against the rules. Revenu officials took back about 5 acres and have put up a sign stating it as government land. The land is reportedly worth about 180 crores. The state government gave the land at a subsidized rate in 1983 to set up a film studio.

    Andhra News : Govt. Takes Back Padmalaya Land

    Congressmen dare Commnunists

    2007/8/10 15:46:37

    The land tribunal verdict against Ramoji Rao has come in handy for the congress leaders to launch a tirade against the communists. The congress leaders now want the communists to show their sincerity in their agitation and plant flags at Ramoji Film city and take possession of the assigned and excess ceiling land.

    The leaders led by Bothsa were vociferous in their demand. They asked the communists as to why they are silent now. They should immediately take over the excess land at RFC and distribute it among the poor and the landless.

    The congress minister also went to the extent of casting aspersions on the communists by saying that they are in cahoots with Ramoji Rao. When some congress leader is seen as grabbing two or three acres, the communists raise a big hue and cry. When it is now clear that there is excess land at RFC, which runs into thousands of acres, why are the communists silent?

    Andhra News : Congressmen dare Commnunists

    IT companies take government for a ride

    2007/11/7 17:32:01 The state government led by chief minister Y S Rajashekar Reddy has been continuing the policy of the earlier TDP government in respect of allotting huge tracts of land for IT companies. Bur a majority of the companies are yet to begin work on the land allotted to them. A government survey of the 2,600 acres of land given to various IT companies has revealed some startling facts.

    Not even 10 per cent of the land given to these companies has been developed for use for the intended purpose. After making lofty claims, many of the companies are silent. They have managed to bag acres and acres of land at cheap rates in the name of developing the IT industry. Many companies have not made any progress except for setting up their signboards.

    Andhra News : IT companies take government for a ride

    Pakistani Ghazal Queen Mesmerises Jammu

    2007/4/2 14:57:17

    Jammu, April 2. Mesmerizing the city of temples with her ghazals, Pakistan's ghazal queen Farida Khanum on Sunday saluted the land of brave dogras, which was also the birthplace of legendary singer Mallika Pukharaj.

    "I bow down to the birth place of the legendary Pakistan singer Mallika Pukharaj and for the love showered on me by the people of Jammu - city of temples," she said.

    Khanum, who was here on the invitation of the vice-chancellor of Jammu University, Amitabh Mattoo, to take part in a week-long cultural festival to mark the opening of the Gen Zorawar Singh auditorium complex, said "I have fallen in love with land of Dogras. It would be my promise to visit this land again and again".

    "aaj jane ke zid na karoo ...." was among her first ghazals, as she started singing in 1975 in Pakistan and rose to become a living legend of ghazals .. and is nick named "queen of ghazals".

    Bollywood News : Pakistani Ghazal Queen Mesmerises Jammu

    TDP exposes ‘Fab City’

    2007/4/23 14:36:30

    The much touted Fab City is nothing but a sham according to the TDP. The party has alleged that the promoter has so far invested only about 1 lakh and he has been given land worth crores of rupees at a throwaway price. The CM is now at pains to show that the deal is above board. The promoters are now coming to Hyderabad and clarify all issues.

    Andhra News : TDP exposes ‘Fab City’

    Why, KCR wants to develop satellite city?

    2011/3/20 16:48:16 Some CPM party workers have joined the TRS on Saturday in the presence of KCR. Addressing the gathering, KCR said that, Telangana is round the corner and may expect an announcement from the Centre anytime. He assured that, once the state is formed the land rates in the Telangana region will shot up to sky high making the locals rich. He said that, he will develop a satellite city 100km away from the Hyderabad city and develop it to international standards.

    Does he mean that, the meeting between the Seemandhra and Telangana scholars has found an amicable solution over the Hyderabad city which turns bottle neck in declaring the Telangana state? Did the TRS representatives participated in this meeting have agreed to leave Hyderabad to Seemandhra and construct a new capital for Telangana region? Does he indicating the same by his statement of developing a satellite city 100 km away from Hyderabad? Let KCR spell what he means?

    Andhra News : Why, KCR wants to develop satellite city?

    No big tracts of land for IT companies

    2007/7/18 16:26:38

    The ruling congress government is slowly moving into election mode. The assembly polls are still two years away but the patty is preparing for them well in advance. The government has decided to go slow on allotment of land to software companies particularly multinationals.

    Earlier the government had wooed them with incentive to set up their offices in Hyderabad and offered them 100 aces when they were looking for 10 acres. This gave an impression that the government was doling out land to the rich multinationals but when it came to housing for the poor, the government says that there is no land.

    All this is going to change. Now the government will no longer offers huge tracts of land. The government will instead give land in the range of 15 to 20 acres for each company. The land will come with a rider. For every one acre of land, the company has to give a commitment that it will provide 1,000 new jobs.

    Another factor is the setting up of SEZs. Many SEZs are coming up. But with the government giving land liberally to the software companies, not many are interested in setting shop in these SEZs. So now many companies would now be forced to look to SEZs for setting up offices. So it serves dual purpose for the government.

    Andhra News : No big tracts of land for IT companies

    Jr.NTR plans film studio@ Hyd.

    2011/10/4 4:50:55 According to information, Jr.NTR is said to be planning for constructing a modern film studio in 25 acres of land near Hi-Tech city in Hyderabad very soon. This prime land is said to be gifted to him by his father-in-law Narne Srinivasa Rao, when Jr. married his daughter Lakshmi Pranathi.

    The studio will be named after late NTR (NTR Studio), which will enable Jr.NTR to shoot his films and in future he can produce his own films on this banner. It is learnt that his wife Lakshmi Pranathi has encouraged for this idea and her father may come forward to build the studio.

    Telugu Cinema News : Jr.NTR plans film studio@ Hyd.

    Court scraps Ramoji petitions

    2011/7/20 8:04:10
    Media baron Ramoji Rao had to wear black face again on a land deal case. All his 3 petitions meant to prolong the land lease deal case were scrapped by 9th session court judge at Visakhapatnam on Wednesday.

    Ramoji Rao, who often slings mud against others through his powerful media network, has been illegally occupying a piece of prime land for years after the expiry of the lease deal. He took 2.78 acres of prime land on 33 years long lease from Manthena Aditya Varma in the year 1974 to establish his Eenadu news paper unit. This lease agreement was completed in year 2007, but he refuses to vacate and hand over the land to its owner Varma until now.

    Ramoji Rao not only refusing to vacate the land, but he has also surrendered a piece of land from it to government for roads widening and obtained the same size of land in another area on his name as an exchange. He not even bothered to consult or take permission from the owner of the land before making this deal. This land is located in Seethammadhara area the heart of the Visakhapatnam city, from where his Eenadu Vizag edition is running now.

    When, Manthena Aditya Varma fails to get possession of his site, he has complained against Ramoji Rao in 3town police station on 6.12.2007. But, even the police were afraid to take any action against the powerful and highly influenced Ramoji Rao. Hence, Varma sought the help of High Court. It has ordered the police to file an FIR against Ramoji Rao and start investigation of the case. Then only, the police have filed an FIR against Ramoji Rao (on 8.5.2010) with which Ramoji Rao is forced to step into court to counter the case. But, he is clever enough to use the loop holes in our law. He keep filing separate petitions on various reasons to prolong the case. In his petitions, he has asked the court to postpone the case as the lease documents were under mortgage with Union bank of India, Hyderabad. But, since the land owner Varma posses the copy of the lease deal, the court has scrapped Ramoji Rao’s petitions and adjourned the case to August 8th.

    Andhra News : Court scraps Ramoji petitions

    Real estate boom hits Chicken prices

    2007/3/19 10:50:47

    The price of chicken has shot up sharply in the recent past. Chicken was being sold at Rs 25 a kg last year when the bird flu epidemic first came to light. The price has gradually gone up. However, over he past one week, the price has almost doubled and chicken is now sold at well over Rs. 115 a kg. The traders say that the real estate boom is the culprit.

    The soaring land prices around the twin cities have left many poultry owners out of business. An acre of land which cost just about Rs. 40,000 not long ago now goes for anywhere between 40 lakh and 75 lakh. This has resulted in many farmers selling off their land and shifting to new businesses.

    The booming real estate boom has also led to a rise in the prices of vegetables. Many farmers are selling off heir lands as the prices have shot up to Rs one crore per acre at many places.

    Hyderabad is on the fast track to becoming a city on par with Singapore. The state government has initiated several steps to improve infrastructure and other amenities in Hyderabad. The roads are being widened; underground cable work is in progress and the city will soon get Godavari water as well.

    The outer ring road will speed up development in the adjoining areas. Many big names are setting up hotels in the city. So is the case with pharma companies. An underground aquarium ala Singapore will be established near Mir Alam Tank. The government has decided to improve MMTS services with an outlay of Rs 8,600 crore.

    Andhra News : Real estate boom hits Chicken prices

    Nizampatnam to become port city

    2007/3/14 9:48:05 The small town of Nizampatnam near Guntur will soon boast of a harbour and will be known as a port city. The state government has speeded up land acquisition for the port.

    The government has already acquired 8,000 acres and efforts are on to identify another 2,000 acres. The government has signed a MoU with Skoda, a Czech company for the development of the port.

    Several pharma companies have evinced keen interest in setting up plants in the region. They feel that Nizampatnam would be an ideal place to set up a pharma city. A 1000 mw thermal plant will also be set up to cater to the needs of the industries.

    The Czech has also plans to set up fertilizer and cement plants, either on their own or in partnership with multinationals. All this will change the face of Nizampatnam forever.

    Andhra News : Nizampatnam to become port city

    Now bad boy Salman Khan lands into ‘land trouble’

    2011/5/31 12:34:29

    Bollywood’s bad boy Salman Khan has now landed into ‘land controversy’. According to the reports, the actor has ‘bought’ 83 acre land, which cannot be sold or bought, in Vaje village near Panvel.

    More than 250 villagers from Vaje, where 307 families live, gathered at the talathi’s office in Panvel, protesting against the ‘illegal’ sale of their land to Salman Khan and a political leader of the region.

    The resolute villagers have filed complaints with Collector of Raigadh district who in turn has ordered an inquiry into the transactions.

    Vishnu Patil, a resident of the village said that they found out that 2.5 acres of the land had been sold to actor Salman Khan without even seeking any clearance from them.

    Another resident of the village said that it was much later that we found out that the land was being sold to a political bigwig for profit.

    Bollywood News : Now bad boy Salman Khan lands into ‘land trouble’

    Big blow to Eenadu chief Ramoji Rao

    2007/8/8 20:18:59 The owner of Eenadu and Margadarsi and RFC chief Ramoji Rao is facing the biggest challenge in his life today. The land tribunal delivered its verdict today and it has gone against Ramoji Rao.

    The land tribunal has found Ramoji Rao and his group companies along with his family members, about 1800 acres of surplus lands. This is against the land reforms act. No individual or a family can hold more than 500 acres of land. The tribunal has directed Ramoji Rao to surrender the land.

    Ramoji Rao has been given 15 days time to respond to the notice. According to some lawyers, Ramoji Rao now has no option but to comply with the order.

    But people who have watched him for some years say that Ramoji will not give up without a fight. He may drag the issue in courts for years on end if possible. The details of the verdict will be known tomorrow.

    Andhra News : Big blow to Eenadu chief Ramoji Rao

    CM’s Brother-in-law a land grabber?

    2007/3/9 17:10:35

    Chief Minister YS Rajashekar Reddy is a very harassed man these days. He is being hounded by the press and the TDP and other parties over the illegal land dealings by his relatives and close associates.

    The TDP has alleged that Ravindra Reddy, the brother-in-law of the chief minister and Mayor of Kadap had forcibly grabbed land from farmers. They allege that the Mayor threatened the farmer with dire consequences and forced them to register land in his name by paying them a pittance.

    The CM’s brother YS Vivekananda Reddy is also alleged to have grabbed land belonging to Gurukul Trust in Hyderabad. The land is worth crores of rupees. The TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has also threatened to go to the CM’s estate Idupulalpayi in Kdapa and expose his illegal landholdings.

    Andhra News : CM’s Brother-in-law a land grabber?

    Assigned lands to be legalized

    2007/2/21 15:12:00

    All those in possession of assigned land can now relax. The recent storm over the state government’s decision to take back assigned lands is likely to blow over. The government is likely to levy a fee and legalize assigned land.

    However the relief would be only in case of land that has been used to construct houses, hospitals, industries, charitable institutions etc. The government would soon make amendments to the G.O. and come up with revised norms. A compounding fee would be charged and the land regularized.

    Andhra News : Assigned lands to be legalized

    Anushka’s land deal case adjourned to 30th

    2011/6/2 19:11:22 Sensuous beauty Anushka and director Rajamouli’s wife Rama were cheated by a broker who made them purchase a piece of land near Visakhapatnam city that belongs to some other person. Hence, both of they were landed in legal problems and have been receiving summons from Bhemili court. Anushka was summoned to attend the case on June 2nd but due to her busy schedule she couldn’t attend the court. Hence, the court has adjourned the case to 30th of June and asked both to attend without fail.

    Andhra News : Anushka’s land deal case adjourned to 30th

    Ramoji Rao surrenders in court

    2011/3/15 10:49:55

    Media baron and chief of Eenadu and Margadarsi group Ramoji Rao along with his son Kiran surrendered in court on Visakhapatnam today.

    The media baron has been accused of cheating the owner of the land in Seethammadhara where the Eenadu office is located.

    The government acquired soma part of the land for road widening and gave alternate land. But Ramoji Rao and Kiran who happen to be just the lease holders got the compensation land registered in their names when it should have been rightfully given to the owner of the property.

    Andhra News : Ramoji Rao surrenders in court

    ULCA repealed – Middle class happy

    2008/3/28 15:24:12 The long awaited Urban Land Ceiling Act (ULCA) has finally been repealed. The act was repealed after a motion moved by revenue minister Dharmana Prasada Rao was passed in the assembly. The World Bank had been insisting the state government to repeal the act as a pre-condition for clearing a loan to the state government.

    With this, there will now be no restriction or ceiling on buying land in cities. The builders will benefit in a big way with this move. More lands will also now come out of litigation. Land prices are expected to ease in places in and around Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati etc.

    Observers feel that land prices will now come down to realistic levels and many middle class a well as poor people can now afford to buy plots. The prices of land in big cities in particular are likely to fall to realistic levels.

    Andhra News : ULCA repealed – Middle class happy

    Ramoji Rao seeks bail

    2007/12/14 13:14:09 The Eenadu chief Ramoji Rao and his son Ch Kiron have sough anticipatory bail in a cheating case. The bail petition was filed in the Visakhapatnam court on Thursday.
    One Mr AEK Krishna Varma filed the case. The petitioner had given his land on lease to Ramoji Rao.

    The Mucipal Corporation acquired about 517 yards of land for road widening. And Ramoji Rao and Ch Kiron were given 817 square yards of land as compensation. The petitioner says that Ramoji Rao and Kiron took the land by forging some documents. He was also kept in the dark about the compensation given by the municipal corporation.

    Andhra News : Ramoji Rao seeks bail

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