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on 2007/6/11 15:57:07

Why Emraan has long hair in Awarapan

Did Emraan Hashmi grow his hair for Awarapan? At a recently held press conference of the film in London, he was seen in a similar get-up as in Awarapan, compelling people to wonder whether that was going to be his new look in perpetuity.

We are told that Emraan has actually worn hair extensions but they've been so well designed that they look natural, and seamlessly go with the rest of his hair. To get the right fit, Emraan would take hours to get these on before his shots. Laughs director Mohit Suri, "Yes, Emi has worn hair extensions in Awarapan. It took him longer to get them on than the time the girls took to get ready!"

Maybe the extensions will be off once Awarapan releases on June 29!

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    'I was sick of kissing on screen'

    2007/7/3 9:33:26

    Emraan Hashmi, who has been tagged as a 'serial kisser' by the media, says he is sick of kissing people on screen and is happy that his latest flick Awarapan does not have any such scenes.

    "I was sick of kissing on screen," the 28-year-old actor said during a news conference in New Delhi to promote Awarapan. "I was being typecast as a kisser. Thankfully, I'm not kissing anyone in this film.

    "When I used to see myself kissing on screen, I did not feel good myself and I can understand what the audience must have felt. There was a time when people came up to me and said that our kids love you but they cannot go to see your films."

    He added: "I wanted to break this stereotyping of myself and I took a risk in Awarapan by not doing all that I was previously related to. This film marks the second phase of Emraan Hashmi."

    Awarapan, which deals with the serious issue of flesh trade in Southeast Asia, portrays a Pakistani woman, played by newcomer Mrinalini Sharma, trafficked to Hong Kong.

    Emraan Hashmi plays the role of a small time crook from Jodhpur who lands up in Hong Kong and saves the girl from the traffickers. The film, which released June 29, opened to a lukewarm response at the box-office but its business has been picking up since Sunday.

    Awarapan marks the first major overseas release for Emraan Hashmi.

    "The film has been released in over six countries and is doing good business in the US, UK and Dubai. I'm very excited at this response since it's my big overseas release," said the actor, who is sporting long hair and stubble.

    The actor, who has acted in around 16 films, has his platter full with two more movies, one with the Bhatt camp titled Jannat and the other is touted to be a sequel to Raaz, a 2002 horror film staring Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu.

    Emraan wants to land the role of the ghost in the sequel to Raaz and in Jannat he plays a bookie. Jannat deals with the shady world of betting in cricket and is said to focus on Bob Woolmer's mysterious death during the World Cup.

    Bollywood News : 'I was sick of kissing on screen'

    Emraan to endorse cell phone brand in Pakistan

    2007/8/20 13:04:57

    Mahesh Bhatt’s Awarapan the only film that has been released in Pakistan so far has brought Emraan Hashmi in a good light as an actor not only in India but in Pakistan too. Emraan would be seen endorsing for a cellphone company in Pakistan.

    Interestingly, in the commercial, Emraan would be playing an Indian actor who’s showing the premiere of the film in Pakistan. Though, Emraan has been flooded with many offers, but he seems to real choosy about them.

    Emraan seems to be fitting the bill for many more reasons. One being his popularity as a star in Pakistan which goes with the fact that the product being endorsed is a rising one too. Also, in the near future Pakistani producers may be approaching other stars in India.

    But, right now, Emraan with the tremendous fan following in Pakistan seems to be ruling the roost.

    Bollywood News : Emraan to endorse cell phone brand in Pakistan

    Shriya oscillates between Rajnikanth and Emraan

    2007/5/28 10:16:13

    The 25-year old South Indian superstar Shriya Saran is on Cloud Nine. On 29th June, she will feature opposite Emraan Hashmi in Mahesh & Mukesh Bhatt's costliest venture, Awarapan , whose music is already a rage.

    But next week she will witness the release of the biggest South Indian film, set to take the Tamil & Srilankan audience by storm -the Rajnikanth-starrer, Shivaji, which has been sold the world over at record prices. Shriya has acquired larger-than-life proportions for being "Rajni's girl" in Shivaji. In fact, recently, when she was shooting for Awarapan in Jodhpur, she almost missed her return flight to Mumbai, because she got mobbed by Srilankan fans!

    Not many know that the stunning 25-year old trained Kathak dancer was actually brought up in Delhi but moved to the South after she got a big break in Telugu films. The Mohit Suri-directed Awarapan will see Shriya as a traditional Muslim girl playing Emraan's love interest.

    Bollywood News : Shriya oscillates between Rajnikanth and Emraan

    Now 'Raaz 2' with Emraan Hashmi

    2007/5/16 10:52:38

    Sequels and remakes are in! Bollywood is slowly waking up to this new trend thanks to the super-success of sequels and remakes in the recent past. Joining the bandwagon are the Bhatts [Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt], who are planning to start RAAZ 2, the sequel to the immensely successful RAAZ. While Vikram Bhatt had directed the original, RAAZ 2 will be directed by Mohit Suri, who has directed ZEHER, KALYUG and WOH LAMHE and has completed AWARAPAN for the Bhatts.

    Well, here’s the latest on RAAZ 2. Emraan Hashmi has been confirmed for the principal role in the sequel. “So far, only Emraan has been signed. We will be casting one more guy and two girls,” Mohit informs me.

    Will the actors of the original film [Dino Morea, Bipasha Basu] star in the sequel? “We haven’t spoken to them yet. Actually, we’ll take a call once we’re through with the script. The idea has been okayed, liked and approved. The next step is to work on the screenplay,” Mohit adds. RAAZ 2 will roll after AWARAPAN.

    Bollywood News : Now 'Raaz 2' with Emraan Hashmi

    Studio 18 brings Emraan Hashmi overases with Awarapan

    2007/4/14 10:37:49

    Among the industry's most prolific producers, Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt (Vishesh Films) have tied up with Studio 18 for the international release of the Bhatts' most ambitious and costly venture to date, Awarapan.

    Directed by Mohit Suri of Zeher and Woh Lamhe fame, Awarapan features Emraan Hashmi, south superstar Shreya Saran (who will soon be seen opposite Rajnikanth in the mega Tamil blockbuster, Sivaji) and the Apaharan bombshell, Mrinalini Sharma (last seen in the sensational item number opposite Ajay Devgan.) In true Bhatt tradition, the romantic thriller, shot in Hong Kong, will boast of chartbusting music by Pritam, on Sa Re Ga Ma.

    Awarapan will also be the Bhatts' and Emraan Hashmi's first principal theatrical outing in the overseas market. The International Division of Studio 18 has become synonymous with promoting and making a success of films with new names ( Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd., Kya Love Story Hai) internationally, and Awarapan will be their next from the 2007 line-up.

    Remarked Ashoka Holla, Senior Vice President - International Business at Studio 18, "It is a known fact that the Bhatts are extremely passionate producers and work hard in promoting their films. It is unfortunate that many of their recent works have not made it overseas despite the enormous success of their music. Studio 18 is happy to initiate an association with them on Awarapan and work jointly towards giving it due visibility and a credible theatrical release internationally."

    Stated Mukesh Bhatt, "We are proud to be associated with the Raghav Bahl-promoted TV 18 group. It is one of the best corporate houses in the business and the International Distribution team at Studio 18 comprises young, experienced and dynamic members who have repeatedly proven their credentials. We look forward to working with them on Awarapan."

    Awarapan is due to release worldwide on June 29.

    Bollywood News : Studio 18 brings Emraan Hashmi overases with Awarapan

    Shreya tells Emraan Hashmi ghost stories

    2007/11/1 12:55:06

    On the sets of Awarapan in Jodhpur, when lead actress Shreya Saran narrated ghost stories to Emraan about the Jodhpur forts in the vicinity, Emraan was paranoid of being alone at any given place in the fort and ensured that someone from the unit was always there with him!

    Another unit member jokingly told Emi (as he is fondly called) about his hotel room being infested with ghosts, after which the actor requested for an immediate change of room. Director Mohit Suri laughs, "Yes that's true. Actually Emraan Hashmi is very superstitious and tends to fall for supernatural stories quite easily."

    Bollywood News :  Shreya tells Emraan Hashmi ghost stories

    Bye-Bye Bachelorhood!

    2006/12/15 16:27:28

    Teenage heartthrob Emraan Hashmi wed fiancée Parveen Shahani at an elaborate ceremony yesterday, Thursday, 14th December. The reception, held at a plush hotel in Bandra, Mumbai, was limited to the family members and close friends of the actor. Emraan’s father, the genial Anwar Hashmi, received each and every guest personally, while Maherah, the actor’s mother, ensured that the guests were most comfortable.

    Emraan was dressed in black formals, while the bride looked resplendent in a pink outfit. Incidentally, Emraan is sporting a goatee these days and also growing his hair for the look in the Mohit Suri-directed AWARAPAN.

    Television crews with the O.B. vans and the paparazzi that had gathered at the venue since the evening were politely told to stay away from the premises, since Emraan and Parveen wanted the marriage to be a private affair. In fact, the couple didn’t want their guests to feel suffocated with television cameras hounding and falling over each other to get that ‘exclusive byte’.

    When this writer asked the groom how it feels to be married and bid goodbye to bachelorhood, the actor flashed a content smile and joked back, “My next job is to ensure that all my friends settle down in bliss. I have set the precedent and these guys [pointing towards Mohit Suri, Aaditya Datt] should follow suit.”


    Bollywood News : Bye-Bye Bachelorhood!

    Emraan back to kissing ways

    2006/9/26 15:36:01

    Good news for all Emraan fans out there. He is back. Back with a kiss. Emraan had earlier promised himself that he would not be doing any more liplocks again in any film post Gangster since he is soon to get married. He maintained his promise in The Killer and Dil Diya Hai. But how far could he resist the temptation?

    Emraan Hashmi has been convinced by Raksha Mistry to do a kissing film in their next film Train. When the script was narrated to him, he was told that there was a kissing scene involved in the movie. To this Emraan asked, “Kya Yeh Zaroori Hai (is it necessary)” and the reply he got was yes. And he said “ok, let’s do it then.”

    Emraan is set to marry his long time love this year and at this point, he agreeing to do a kissing scene again does come as a surprise. All the best Emraan! Maybe something’s are left for the best man to do it.


    Bollywood News : Emraan back to kissing ways

    Mrinalini is Emraan's 'Maahiya'

    2007/5/31 9:26:11

    While the To Phir Aao number from Awarapan is creating waves already, quite clearly the Annie-rendered Maahiya has emerged as the hot favourite among Bollywood buffs.

    The wait for the video of Maahiya is on with bated breath but we can exclusively reveal that it has reportedly been picturised not on Shriya Saran, but on the sizzling 27-year old model Mrinalini Sharma, who plays Emraan's contemporary love interest in Awarapan.

    While Awarapan marks Mrinalini's feature film debut, many will remember that she played the sexy nightclub girl opposite Ajay Devgan in the song Aao Ji Babu in Prakash Jha's Apaharan. Reported earlier, so impressed is Mahesh Bhatt with Mrinalini that he is said to have snapped her up for a three-film deal for the Bhatt camp.

    Shaad Randhawa fooled on the sets of AWARAPAN Dara Singh's handsome nephew, Shaad Randhawa has emerged a Mohit Suri favourite. After casting him in his previous film, Woh Lamhe, Mohit has repeated Shaad in a strong supporting role in his forthcoming Awarapan, which hits cinemas on June 29.

    Not many know however that Shaad was at the receiving end of everyone's pranks on the sets of Awarapan. It seems Shaad was asked to learn some kung fu moves while shooting for the Tera Mera Rishta remix video in Bangkok. After rigorously practicing for a whole day, he realised that he was made a fool of by choreographer Remo, Mohit and Emraan Hashmi, because kung fu wasn't required for the video!

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. Poor Shaad was fooled a second time when he was made to climb high on a rope and practice swinging on it! He was told by action master Abbas Ali Moghul in a pre-climax action scene that he would have to come crashing through a huge window on the set. After he struggled for an hour he was told that it was a prank much to his dismay! When asked, director Mohit Suri laughs, "Shaad is a sincere actor and takes his work rather seriously. This trait leaves him vulnerable to such pranks. I don't think he'll fall prey to our mischief again!"

    Bollywood News : Mrinalini is Emraan's 'Maahiya'

    'If my director convinces me, I'll still kiss'

    2007/7/6 11:07:32

    Emraan Hashmi gets a new audience in Pakistan where Awarapan will be released on Friday. But the actor is more delighted about his kiss-less role.

    Clad in a checkered shirt and ribbed jeans, his tousled hair swept back in a hair band, Emraan Hashmi lounges carelessly in his room in a city hotel.

    Restlessly, he flips channels, hoping it was as easy to change the image he has cultivated for himself over the past three years in the film industry.

    “I am sick of my old image,” he repeats for what must be the hundredth time. “I want to do something different.”

    And that is what the 27-year-old claims he has done in Mohit Suri’s Awarapan.

    “The film came at the right time when I was feeling I had reached my saturation point,” says Hashmi. In Awarapan, he plays a small-town guy from Jodhpur who gets involved with the Hong Kong underworld and discovers himself on the way. While the film may have failed to impress the critics, Hashmi is pretty pleased with himself. “It is my most intense role so far and I play a larger-than-life character. I’ve got a great response,” he says.

    “Even Mahesh Bhatt said it was the first emotionally charged film after Sanjay Dutt’s Gumrah.”

    Hashmi is crossing the LoC too as the film will finally be releasing in Pakistan on Friday. “It’s the first Bollywood movie to be commercially released in Pakistan’s theatres and I’m happy I will be watched by another 20 crore people,” he says.

    The actor, who has abstained from kissing in the film, maintains that he is not game for such scenes anymore. But he is quick to add that it is not a complete renunciation. “If my director is able to convince me, I’ll still kiss,” says Hashmi, who shot to instant fame after locking lips with Mallika Sherawat in Murder.

    Hashmi will next be seen in Kunal Deshmukh’s Jannat and Suri’s Raaz II.

    Jannat revolves around the death of cricket coach Bob Woolmer and will have Hashmi playing a bookie. “I portray a character who dreams of achieving everything in life. But one day he realises that his world is not the heaven he perceives to be,” he says. The movie will also star Esha Deol.

    While the marathon kisser says no to erotic thrillers, he will be starring opposite Bipasha Basu in the sequel to Raaz. “We’ll start shooting around November and the film will release next year,” says Hashmi.

    Both the movies, predictably, are from the Bhatt camp. But will he ever dare to venture outside? “You need a support system in this industry. An actor can’t survive without that,” he answers, dodging the question.

    And how does he explain the serious roles that he has been doing? “I like to play characters with a certain dark edge. But I may do a comedy at the end of the year with Feroz Nadiadwala.”

    Bollywood News : 'If my director convinces me, I'll still kiss'

    Bipasha too tall for Emraan

    2006/9/20 19:35:17

    Bipasha Basu, who was approached for Kangana Ranaut's character in Woh Lamhe refused the role because Emraan Hashmi was cast opposite her.

    It was not Emraan's kissing images that troubled her but it was just that she thought she would look taller and bigger than Hashmi.

    “It’s a fabulously written script. After a long time, a strong role was coming my way, essentially a woman-centric film. The only problem was the pairing.”

    “Emraan is great at his work. I know him from the days he was an assistant director. My only problem is his physicality, so far, he has worked with petite heroines; I am way too tall and big for him.”

    Later even Emraan walked out of the movie because he felt that he does not have a very strong role in the film. Mohit Suri, who is Emraan Hashmi's cousin wanted him in all his movies but could not do so in this one.

    Woh Lamhe now stars Kangana Ranaut and Shiney Ahuja in place of Bipasha Basu and Emraan Hashmi.


    Bollywood News : Bipasha too tall for Emraan

    Emraan euphoric after Jannat success

    2008/5/20 12:44:15

    A success works wonders. Especially if you your last few films don't work. And if it's a solo hit, well, the joy knows no bounds.

    Post Jannat, Emraan Hashmi is grinning from ear to ear. Jannat has come as a breather for Mukesh Bhatt, as also for debutante director Kunal Deshmukh and writer debutante Vishesh Bhatt, whose careers depended on how Jannat fared.

    "I was hurt, I was angry after Awarapan," Emraan admits honestly, "The film hadn't worked and people had written me off. I had to prove the detractors wrong. The lull that followed only helped. I wanted to come back with a vengeance."

    And it has been a terrific comeback for the talented actor. Three weeks ago, the presence of Akshay, Saif and Kareena couldn't ensure a terrific start for Tashan. Big B and SRK's presence in Bhoothnath didn't help the film open to full houses either. But the excellent start of Jannat did catch the traders by complete surprise.

    "I was shocked as well. See, what went in favor of Jannat were various factors. The buzz was very strong. Plus, a promo with content or even an attractive poster grabs your attention instantly. The first jhalak counts and Jannat benefited for the aforesaid reasons" Emraan tells me.

    What about his popularity with the youth? "Everything falls into place if the film is good. And I always had the gut that Jannat would click in a big way," he states modestly.

    Bollywood News : Emraan euphoric after Jannat success

    Awarapan team coming to the UK?

    2007/5/29 11:02:49

    It is common knowledge that the Bhatt camp is making its foray into the international market with the release of Vishesh Films' costliest venture, Awarapan, out on June 29.

    According to sources, in conjunction with overseas distributor Studio 18 and the music label Sa Re Ga Ma, select members of the cast and music crew (from Pakistan) of Awarapan are likely to visit the UK for an extensive promotion of the film in early June.

    Awarapan will have a simultaneous theatrical release in the US, UK and UAE, among other international countries. Keep tuned for the final details.

    Bollywood News : Awarapan team coming to the UK?

    Bhatts' team Emraan - Esha for new film

    2007/6/20 9:21:18

    Mukesh Bhatt is on the move! While AWARAPAN is slated for release next week, the enterprising producer has already completed two more films and also confirmed their release dates. While DHOKHA with Pooja Bhatt as director is confirmed for 17th August, SHOWBIZ, which marks choreographer Raju Khan’s directorial debut, will release in November.

    That’s not all, the producer is all set to start a love story next, titled JANNAT – IN SEARCH OF HEAVEN, HE FOUND HELL. Starring blue-eyed boy Emraan Hashmi and Esha Deol [paired for the first time], the film will be directed by Kunal Deshmukh, erstwhile assistant to Mohit Suri. JANNAT also marks the debut of Vishesh Bhatt, son of Mukesh Bhatt, as independent writer.

    There’s RAAZ 2 as well, with director Mohit Suri and Emraan Hashmi teaming up yet again. Reportedly, Bipasha Basu, who enacted the central role in RAAZ, might feature in its sequel. “We’re in talks with her,” Mukesh confirms.

    Bollywood News : Bhatts' team Emraan - Esha for new film

    Awarapan DVDs release internationally!

    2007/8/4 11:33:26

    Studio 18 International has released the official DVDs of the Mohit Suri-directed Awarapan, promptly within a month of its theatrical release in all the key overseas markets.

    The DVD contains extra features including the making of the movie and the remix videos of Tera Mera Rishta, To Phir Aao and Maahiya.

    The first overseas release from the Bhatt camp did heartening business at the international box-office and was released in as many as 15 countries.

    Bollywood News : Awarapan DVDs release internationally!

    Ameesha chops off her hair

    2007/11/26 9:06:01

    Actress Ameesha Patel has shocked one and all by having chopped off her long lustrous hair.

    One would’ve sworn that Ami wouldn’t have dare done such a thing, since she is so fond of long hair, but she did it — all for a role in the movies.

    The girl has cropped her tresses for Kunal Kohli’s next venture, and is looking wow!

    The girl is on a mission. We hear she has hit the gym with a vengeance and is also taking extra care of her beautiful face. So all those who wrote her off had better think again!

    Bollywood News : Ameesha chops off her hair

    Emraan gets desperate

    2007/6/27 13:32:22

    French kisses! That’s what one would instantly think of the moment we utter the first syllable of the name Emraan Hashmi. It simply goes to prove how difficult it can get for an actor to break the established mould once he is stereotyped in any genre.

    But since the ‘serial kisser’ formula is not garnering the same brownie points anymore, Emraan’s realised it’s high time for a change. “No actor can continue with the same conventional image that he adopts at any point of time in his career,” says Emraan. “Also, it was getting boring playing that same character over and over again.”

    With his upcoming movie ‘Awaarapan’, where Emraan claims to play a role far more different than his earlier attempts, he believes his image makeover is already on a roll. “What people associate me with until now is someone who is a kissing king or someone who sleeps with other men’s wives. This movie will be a conscious attempt to change that stereotyped image,” Emraan adds.

    So, is his new look (long locks and a French beard) part of the process? “Sporting the new look is purely out of the creative inputs of the team. Nothing more than portraying the character with a better appeal,” clears Emraan.

    Ask him on his character in the movie where he’s paired with two hot beauties (as usual!) and Emraan gets excited. “My character is of someone who has a past that he can’t let go off, someone filled with a lot of mystery and suspense in his persona. The movie, shot in Hong Kong, also has undercurrents of the underworld in it, though that is definitely not the prime aspect,” he ends.

    Bollywood News : Emraan gets desperate

    Hair raising amount for TTD

    2007/6/1 13:58:00

    The Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam will hit the jackpot soon. The money will come through the sale of hair. The hair is collected from the pilgrims who offer it to the deity as part of their vow. The TTD sells the hair through auction. The sale of hair used to fetch th TTD a modest 2 to 3 crore in early 2000.

    The figure has now shots up phenomenally. According to the latest estimate the TTD is all set to make Rs.45 crores from the sale of hair. The sale is likely to take place in June and the bids have already been invited. Even some foreign firms have evinced keen interest in the purchase of hair.

    Andhra News : Hair raising amount for TTD

    Emraan not interested in Mallika anymore

    2007/6/4 7:42:18

    Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi, who scorched the screen in 'Murder', had the opportunity to work together again but it didn't work out.

    Before you jump the gun, the story is that when Himesh Reshammiya cast Mallika for a 10-minute cameo in his debut film for a whopping Rs.10.5 million, he also approached her 'Murder' co-star. But the offer didn't appeal to Emraan and he refused.

    Bollywood News : Emraan not interested in Mallika anymore

    The 'A' list: Why 'Aap ka Suroor’ will be the ace in the pack

    2007/6/30 10:40:02

    The ‘A’ list

    ‘Awaarapan’, ‘Apne’ and ‘Aap ka Suroor’— which will be the ace in the pack?

    The Deols’ ‘Apne’, Emraan Hashmi’s ‘Awaarapan’ and Himesh Reshammiya’s ‘Aap ka Suroor’—it’s ‘three much’ of a choice for audiences this week.

    ‘Apne’ is a complete family film. With the three Deols coming together, the movie will be a major attraction for their fans. But with the family positioning, it might lose out amongst the youth. ‘Awarapan’ doesn’t seem that promising. The only known face in it is that of Emraan Hashmi. Normally, the music of any Bhatt movie always catches up. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. ‘Aap ka Suroor’ is undoubtedly the hottest film of the year. The promotion has been extremely aggressive and hard-hitting. The hype created, especially on television, hasn’t been hitherto seen. Also, in terms of advance booking, ‘Aap ka Suroor’ is far ahead than any of the two movies releasing with it. —Amod Mehra, trade analyst

    All three movies belong to different genres. ‘Apne’ is a movie soaked with emotions and promises a brilliant performance by Dharmendra. ‘Awaarapan’ on the other hand, could give Emraan Hashmi’s career a new lease. The film is actually meant to white wash his earlier mistakes. It could be an eye opener for people who think Emraan to be a bad actor. ‘Aap ka Suroor’ has a good opening and we do have a reason to watch it—simply to see how Himesh acts! —Taran Adarsh, Trade Guide

    Bollywood News : The 'A' list: Why 'Aap ka Suroor’ will be the ace in the pack

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