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on 2007/2/21 16:22:43

Amrita Singh visits Saif in Hospital

The hospitalization of Saif Ali Khan has shaken the film industry. Saif who is just 36 has been hospitalized with complaint of chest pain. He is however now out of danger.

Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore says that Saif’s busy lifestyle and heavy smoking are the main culprits for his present condition.
Sharmila and Soha are beside him at the hospital. There were a string of visitors yesterday. Among them were Saif’s current girlfriend Rosa and his former wife Amrita Singh.

Amrita came to the hospital along with her kids. She later said that she was naturally concerned about his health and was praying for his speedy recovery.

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    Saif & Amrita: A ‘Rosy’ picture ahead!

    2007/2/26 17:01:56

    Tough times bring people closer. Sometimes old buddies re-bond after years, at times estranged lovers rekindle the sparks. Then at times ex-married couples find themselves comfy in each other’s company all over again. That’s exactly what’s happening with Saif and ex-wife, Amrita Singh. She’s been so worried and concerned about his recent chest pain attack that took a toll on him that she’s been visiting him frequently at the hospital. In fact, she’s been answering phone calls on the hotline, considering there are hundreds of well-wishers calling in everyday to find about the Khan lad. Amrita’s sure being a real sweetheart, but boy, we think he better handle all this attention ‘Saif’ly, if he really wants a ‘Rosy’ life ahead that is.


    Bollywood News : Saif & Amrita: A ‘Rosy’ picture ahead!

    'Saif is my past...'

    2007/3/12 16:57:43

    Amrita Singh reacts to rumours that Khan’s break-up with Italian girlfriend Rosa Catalano was because of their ‘renewed’ friendship.

    When a much-in-the-news couple breaks up, a lot is made of their parting and the blame game begins. Everyone, from the former partner to the family and sometimes even close friends, is to blame.

    So when Saif Ali Khan and his girlfriend of two years Rosa Catalano decided to part ways, ex-wife Amrita Singh, his family and even Rosa’s budding television career were put in the dock.

    ‘Not my business’

    However, Amrita Singh refutes that she has anything to do with the break-up. What’s more, she’s angry about certain sections of the press alluding to a patch-up between her and her former husband. “Saif is my past. What he does is not my business or concern,” is all she is willing to say.

    But a source close to Saif puts things in perspective. “Amrita has not visited Saif since he returned home (he recently suffered from a heart condition), though she did go to see him at the hospital with the kids (Sara and Ebrahim).

    Even though they remain in touch, stories about him and Amrita getting back together are not true. Saif is extremely focussed on his career.

    He had some great releases last year and won several awards for his performance in Omkara. He’s also in the process of signing new films and has just launched his production company, Illuminati Films, with producer Dinesh Vijan.

    As you can see, there’s really no time for a personal life. At present, he is concentrating on getting back to work.”

    ‘I respect Amrita’

    On Sunday night’s episode of Koffee with Karan, Saif spoke at length about his marriage and split with Amrita, telling Karan Johar, “I have matured because of all kinds of non-settling thoughts, experiences, paranoias, and being judged and accepted. It has made me tougher.

    I was extremely well taken care of. Now I must do things like running a home, which is something I have never done.

    I am getting there. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Amrita. I’d really like us to be friends one day.”

    But Amrita refuses to comment on Saif’s statement. She says bluntly, “I have said what I have to. Now please keep me out of this.”

    Meanwhile, the source says Saif and Rosa’s parting was amicable. “It’s pointless to blame other people for the break-up. Only they know what really went wrong.

    Rosa has gone back to Switzerland, but there was no bitterness or acrimony between them. Saif and she are sensible, mature individuals and want different things in life.

    They were in a relationship for over two years, so naturally, it will take some time for them to recover and get back on their feet,” says the source.

    It is expected that Rosa will return to India in a few weeks time, as she was getting ready to launch a glamourous career here before the unexpected break-up.

    There have been talks about her anchoring a fashion-based television show for a while now, and sources say pretty much everything has been put in place.


    Bollywood News : 'Saif is my past...'

    Amrita plays Vivek's mother

    2007/4/17 10:16:32

    After making a powerful comeback in Kalyug [2005], Amrita Singh had again disappeared from the big screen. But now she is returning once again, this time in a film by Sanjay Gupta.

    We are talking about Shoot Out At Lokhandwala, a thriller based on 'true rumors' [as the film's punch line suggests]. This Approva Lakhia directed film stars Vivek Oberoi in a pivotal role of Maya Dolas. Amrita Singh has an interesting part to play as Vivek's on-screen mother fondly called 'Aai'.

    In addition to Soal, Amrita Singh would also be seen in Sanjay Gupta's other production Dus Kahaniyaan which is expected to arrive in the month of July.

    Bollywood News : Amrita plays Vivek's mother

    Saif says 'no' to alcohol

    2007/11/5 10:08:24

    Saif and Bebo's affair has admittedly brought out a new person in the Chote Nawab

    We don’t know whether Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s love story will have a happy ending but, from what we hear, Saif has taken up drinking again though occasionally.

    For all those late comers, Saif had called it quits to smoking and drinking after he was admitted to Lilavati hospital. We hope that with teetotaller Kareena for company Saif has become a safe drinker!

    Bollywood News : Saif says 'no' to alcohol

    Saif Ali Khan hospitalised

    2007/2/19 6:25:50

    Actor Saif Ali Khan was rushed to Lilavati hospital in Mumbai last night (Feb 18). He was on his way to an award function when he complained of chest pain.

    The Lilavati Hospital in suburban Mumbai overnight turned into a scene of hectic activity. A steady stream of Bollywood visitors poured in to see Saif.

    What happened?

    On Sunday night, on route to a film awards function, Saif Ali Khan complained of chest pain. He was immediately rushed to the Lilavati Hospital around 09.30 pm.

    Saif had been rehearsing for long hours for a performance at the awards night. He had come to the set for rehearsals early Sunday morning and then returned for rehearsals in the afternoon for over three hours. He was on his way back to the main event when he experienced chest pain.

    An angiography test was done on Saif to ascertain the cause of the chest pain. It is believed now that his condition is stable, but he is still under medical observation in the hospital's ICU for at least the next two days.


    Bollywood Producer, Bunty Walia said," I was informed by Saif's manager about his chest pain and the subsequent hospitalisation."

    Director and Producer, Vidhu Vinod Chopra said, ' He is out of danger now and will be fine in some days."

    Actor Fardeen Khan, who was one of the many who visited the hospital said," Saif fine, he his laughing and joking and will be fine in a couple of days.'


    Bollywood News : Saif Ali Khan hospitalised

    Saif doing fine, to be discharged now

    2007/2/23 18:16:43

    Admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai on February 18 after complaining of chest pain, actor Saif Ali Khan is fine and will be discharged from the hospital in a day or two.

    Said Saif’s spokesman, “Saif is fine. He has been discharged from the ICU and shifted in another room. He will be discharged from the hospital in a day of

    two. As of now, when the doctors come in the evening we will know. All his reports are fine and he needs rest.”

    Saif was rehearsing to perform in the grand finale at the Kenstar Max Stardust awards on Sunday last at the MMRDA grounds in Mumbai.

    He complained of chest pains and was rushed to the hospital, where Dr Vivek Mehan performed angiography on him.

    He was also not able to collect the award that he had won for his role in the film, Omkara.

    ''Usually stars are late for shooting, but this star is late to collect his

    award. I wonder where Saif is,” said the director of the film, Vishal Bharadwaj, who collected the award on Saif’s behalf.

    Among the Bollywood stars, who enquired about Saif's health apart from sister Soha Ali Khan, girlfriend Rosa and mother Sharmila Tagore, were Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta, Fardeen Khan with wife Natasha.

    Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan, Pradeep S Sarkar, filmmaker Kunal Kohli and director Vidhu Vinod Chopra were among others.


    Bollywood News : Saif doing fine, to be discharged now

    Saif Ali Khan aims at bodybuilding

    2007/4/27 15:18:09

    Though he already doesn’t have a bad physique, actor Saif Ali Khan wants to better it further.

    Saif seems to be reinventing himself after his split with Rosa. The actor, back into his bachelor days, has also quit smoking after the chest pain that got him admitted to hospital for a week.

    Now, Saif says he wants to concentrate on his acting career. He also wants to rediscover his onscreen image.

    The actor has said in an interview that he wants to “look like a sexy moviestar”.

    Although we believe he already does, but Saif is planning to devote more time to workout. He wants to build his body further.

    However, Saif says he is not competing with any other actor in this respect. He is bodybuilding for his own sake.

    Quite understandable.

    Bollywood News : Saif Ali Khan aims at bodybuilding

    Saif Stable

    2007/2/20 18:25:12

    Hero Saif Ali Khan who was admitted to Lilavati hospital in Mumbai following complaint of chest pain is now stable. The doctors have conducted tests on the actor and have revealed that the actor is safe. No clots or blockages have been found.

    A beeline of actors and others from the film industry were seen at the hospital. Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore, Sister Soha Ali Khan are with the actor. Among the first callers on the actor were Big B Amitabh Bachchan.

    Bollywood News : Saif Stable

    No Liplock: Amrita Rao

    2007/10/1 10:36:13

    It is learnt that Amrita had a problem kissing on-screen as she is known as the girl next door.

    Amrita Rao has done what many new actors would have not dared to do. The petite actor has turned down Siddharth Anand’s next film under the Yashraj Films banner, which stars Ranbir Kapoor.

    It is learnt that Amrita had a problem kissing on-screen as she is known as the girl next door. So far, she has acted in films like The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Main Hoon Na, Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi and Vivaah in which she played subdued roles.

    Says a source, “Amrita was keen on working with a prestigious banner like Yashraj. She even had a couple of meetings with Siddharth Anand. But, she soon realised that she had to kiss Ranbir. She was very clear about not kissing on-screen.

    She did ask Siddharth if they could do without the kissing scene. But, he told her that the kiss was an integral part of the storyline. Amrita had no option but to back out of the film.”

    Amrita Rao’s mother did not confirm or deny the news. She says, “I don’t want to comment about Amrita’s film deals. You may contact her manager.” Her manager, Uttam, says, “I have recently taken over Amrita’s work and wouldn’t be sure of the details.”

    Amrita Rao was unavailable for comments.

    Bollywood News : No Liplock: Amrita Rao

    Amrita Arora to dance for a Pakistani film

    2006/9/8 19:16:28

    The sexy belle is ready to shake her booty for an item number in a Pakistani film.

    Amrita Arora is headed to Bulgaria to shoot a song for director Hriday Shetty’s forthcoming movie Godfather , which is being produced by producers from Pakistan.

    The film, an Indo-Pak venture, stars two Bollywood actors and a few artists from Pakistan as well.

    Amrita plays a Bollywood actress in the film. The item song shows her dancing in a club when the story’s protagonist visits there.

    Because the film will most likely have a global release, besides hitting the theatres in Pakistan, the director has paid special attention to Amrita’s outfit in the song so as not to offend the sensibilities of some audience who have not been exposed to Bollywood’s sex quotient as yet.

    So, the song will have Amrita wearing a catsuit designed by her good friend, fashion designer Vikram Phadnis.

    The song is composed by Anand Raj Anand.


    Bollywood News : Amrita Arora to dance for a Pakistani film

    Bollywood’s controversial couples

    2006/7/25 18:52:03

    shahid and kareena

    The media went abuzzzzz… as Shahid and Kareena lip locked in a popular Mumbai nightspot and the MMS voyeurs were at it circulating the shot frantically around the city. The moral police went noisy and though the two initially refused to accept that it was indeed them, the tabloids were more than happy to prove the authenticity of the snap. Eventually, the issue died down and the two continue to date each other in a more ‘open’ manner, one might add.

    Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra

    Akshay Kumar has always had a reputation of dating co-stars. First it was Raveena, then Shilpa and then his current wife Twinkle. But news of this alleged affair broke out during the shoot of Raj Kanwar’s ‘Andaaz’ where Akki starred alongside Priyanka. While the media was raving about the secret meetings of the two, neither offered any explanation or denial. It was almost six months later that Priyanka made a statement denying the link-up. But, why it took that long to make a statement one can only guess.

    Amisha Patel and Vikram Bhatt

    Vikram Bhatt was already married and divorced when the first flames of love ignited between the two. While Amisha didn’t accept the affair at first, she kept saying that she would only fall in love with a thinking man. Now, we know how much Mr.Bhatt thinks about the Hollywood films that he remakes. Anyway, though the two had a bit of a hot and cold relationship for two years, though lately there have been rumours of the two having split up.

    Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh

    Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh were married for 11 years before separating early last year. While there were gossip rumours of Saif dating his co-stars through his married years, the separation finally came about as Rosa , Saif’s current Italian girlfriend stepped in. In spite of the separation, Saif and Amrita are friends and share the custody of their children.

    Aamir Khan and Reena

    Aamir Khan was married to Reena before he became part of the industry and was ever the loving and libertarian husband (at least to the media). But Reena’s independence and strong mindedness was perhaps not too sustainable for Aamir. The two had a quiet and amiable divorce and continue to raise their children in co-operative manner. Aamir has since married Kiran Rao, a directorial assistant in Aamir’s production ‘Lagaan’ and the two seem to be a leading a happy married life.


    Bollywood News : Bollywood’s controversial couples

    Mom's the last word for Amrita

    2006/9/23 16:24:31

    This Amrita Arora-Usmaan Afzal affair is turning into a really serious
    something. That's what a close course tells us. In fact, it is not
    Amrita alone who has fallen for Usmaan's charms. Amrita's mother too
    likes Usmaan and it was mommy dearest who looked after Usmaan like a
    caring guardian when the cricketer was down with an eye infection
    recently. Apparently, Amrita wants her mother to choose the right
    groom for her. May be Usmaan's the one - who knows?


    Bollywood News : Mom's the last word for Amrita

    I have an edge over today’s newbies- Amrita Rao

    2011/5/12 11:27:44

    Following recession two of Amrita Rao’s films got delayed. These two films–— The Legend of Kunal and Love U Mr Kalaakar is now ready to hit theatres.

    The former stars Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal, Tabu and Amrita Rao, while the latter stars Amrita Rao opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh.

    Amrita is presently busy with the promotions of Love U Kalakaar. She stated that newbies may be the flavour of the season but she is a total package as she started her career at a very young age.

    She has an edge over today’s youth as she has done some wholesome work in the past.

    She signed off stating that she would love to do films in Marathi, Tamil as well as Bengali provided the role is a good one.

    Bollywood News : I have an edge over today’s newbies- Amrita Rao

    Kareena - Shaadi mein to abhi 5-6 saal hain

    2008/1/31 14:00:47

    Kareena has been flashing a huge diamond ring on her hand for a while now which led to the speculation of her marriage with Saif Ali Khan. Obviously the love smitten couple gave enough fodder to the gossipmongers over the weekend.

    Kareena, unlike Saif, had been keeping mum about the affection she felt for him, finally decided to put a full stop on wild gossip of her marrying the star.

    Ending weeks of speculations of her marrying Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor said that wedding bells can wait for 5 to 6 years, she is not in a hurry for any decision.

    “Shaadi mein to abhi 5-6 saal hain" said Bebo told media persons today. The actress, who was earlier involved with Shahid Kapoor, has however made no secrets of her relationship with Chote Nawab.

    The love that blossomed on the sets of their upcoming film ‘Tashan’ matured into an affair to watch out for when the Prince of Pataudi decided to wear his heart on his sleeve. The famous tattoo "Kareena" on Saif’s arm was followed by a dazzling diamond ring on Bebo’s ring finger, sparking rumours that the two were engaged.

    Our sources tell us that it is her mother Babita, who is holding Kareena back from making any commitments. For Saif, its his third serious affair after ex-wife Amrita Singh and Italian girlfriend Rozza Catalano.

    Bollywood News : Kareena - Shaadi mein to abhi 5-6 saal hain

    Saif anointed 10th Nawab of Pataudi

    2011/10/31 12:44:44

    Pataudi (Haryana), Oct 31 (IANS) Flanked by his mother Sharmila Tagore and two sisters, Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan was Monday anointed the 10th Nawab of Pataudi at a ceremony at the family's Ibrahim Palace here.

    Heads of various villages of the area tied a white turban (pagri) around the head of the 41-year-old star.

    Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda was also present at the ceremony, apart from Sharmila Tagore and Saif's two sisters Soha and Saba.

    His father, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, passed away Sep 22 in New Delhi's Sir Gangaram Hospital after unsuccessfully battling severe lung infection.

    Mansur Ali Khan, who captained the Indian cricket team at the age of 21, was the last Nawab of Pataudi state. He held the title till 1971 when the central government abolished the princely system.

    The family still has its palace in Pataudi town, 26 km from Gurgaon, much of which has been leased out to a leading heritage resort chain that runs a hotel there. A portion of the palace has been retained by the family.

    Bollywood News : Saif anointed 10th Nawab of Pataudi

    Amrita-Kareena friends forever

    2006/12/27 15:43:54

    Amrita Arora's budding camaraderie with Kareena Kapoor comes as a surprise amid the alleged catfights and bickering in Bollywood.

    Amrita says that their friendship defies the notion that two actresses can never be friends, reports Bollywood Trade.

    "I adore Kareena. We are very close and I hope to maintain my friendship with her," said Amrita effusively, adding: "Bebo and I are an example of the fact that two actresses can be friends."

    Kareena too is all praise for Amrita.

    "I really like that girl. She's fun, easy-going, hassle-free and honest - just like me. I make friends for life. For example, my best friend has been with me from school. Amrita too will remain with me," Kareena said.

    Amrita is upfront about all her relationships and her equation with cricketer Usman Afzal is no different.

    Unlike other actors, she neither denies being in a relationship nor dismisses it as the customary "we are just friends" justification.

    "Firstly, you wouldn't be in a relationship if you're ashamed of it. Usman is a great guy. He has been very supportive and pushes me to do better. Usman and I compliment each other," said Amrita.


    Bollywood News : Amrita-Kareena friends forever

    Amrita Rao’s diary full

    2007/3/24 12:08:13

    Amrita Rao is basking in the success of her film ‘Vivah’. The film has given her career a turbo boost.

    She is presently acting in the Telugu film ‘Athithi’ with prince Mahesh Babu. Amrita Rao is originally from the Konkani region.

    She is very fluent in Hindi, Marathi, and her mother Tongue. And she has also picked up quite a bit of Telugu.

    The diary of Amrita Rao is full. Her current engagements in Telugu and Hindi leave her with no room for any new film till the end of the year

    Bollywood News : Amrita Rao’s diary full

    Ghajal Guru Jagjit Singh is critical

    2011/9/24 11:30:49 Renowned ghazal singer Jagjit Singh continues to be critical in the Lilavati Hospital, where he was admitted and underwent surgery Friday, a hospital trustee said Saturday.

    Further details of his condition were not revealed. "We have to respect the patient's privacy," managing trustee Niket V. Mehta said.

    "Jagjit Singh's condition continues to remain critical," Mehta told IANS Saturday afternoon.

    The 71-year-old Singh is currently in the ICU after undergoing emergency surgery for brain haemorrhage Friday evening.

    Singh and maestro Ghulam Ali were scheduled to perform at a concert in Shanmukhananda Hall in central Mumbai. The performance was cancelled.

    Singh has been suffering from high blood pressure since the past few years.

    Known as 'Ghazal King' of India, Jagjit Singh, and his wife Chitra are considered the pioneers of modern ghazal singing in the country.

    Bollywood News : Ghajal Guru Jagjit Singh is critical

    Amrita-Shahid: Mutual admiration!

    2006/10/8 16:40:44

    Well, Kareena may definitely not agree with this, but the Amrita Rao-Shahid Kapoor pair seems to have loads of on-screen chemistry and is next only to their off-screen comradeship. Ask each of them what they think of the other and the warmth shared is obvious. "Shahid is a great co-actor. He actually helps you perform better when he is in the same scene. He is a prankster and all his pranks have one target - Amrita. But, he is great fun to work with." Shahid smiles at the thought of playing pranks on Amrita, and adds, "Amrita is a great actress, and her presence makes a difference in your performance too." Looks like a mutual admiration society alright.


    Bollywood News : Amrita-Shahid: Mutual admiration!

    Jadoo ki jhappi

    2007/9/17 10:07:09

    Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan continue to be an item. The duo was out and about in the suburbs on Saturday evening. After a long discussion, they walked in together (almost hand-in-hand) at the VIP lounge of a popular Chinese restaurant. Like most celebrity couples, they seemed to be extremely comfortable with each other, say onlookers.

    A guest present at the restaurant says, "They were behaving like a couple. They were lost in some discussion and were completely oblivious about their surroundings and onlookers."

    Once at their table, the duo who was accompanied by friends Dino Morea and Amrita Arora, sat very close to each other.

    Kareena and Saif also indulged in some serious PDA. Saif kept hugging her throughout the evening, and they left together. A restaurant staff informs, "Kareena seemed to be distressed and Saif was consoling her. He was often complimenting and hugging her. Their friends also took care to give them the much-needed privacy."

    Kareena and Saif, were dressed in casual tees and denims, and were engaged in a conversation with the occasional remark, 'Yeah, you are right!' meant for the rest seated with them at the table.

    Kareena and Saif got along well on the sets of Tashan, and ever since they have spending a lot of time with each other. However, Kareena is maintaining a stoic silence over her relationship with Shahid Kapur who is currently filming in Toronto.

    A source close to Kareena says, "Kareena and Saif are extremely fond of each other and the duo are spending a lot of time with together. She has also been vocal about Saif's good nature to a few of us."
    mumbai news

    Bollywood News : Jadoo ki jhappi

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