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on 2007/6/14 10:04:43

Dhanam - Sangeetha plays as sex worker ..

Dhanam with Sangeetha in the lead is nearing completion. Sangeetha plays a meaty role in the movie, which is said to revolve around the life of a commercial sex worker played by her. Director G. Shiva has come up with a different story which revolves around the life of a sex worker played by Uyir Sangeetha. National award winner Girish Karnad plays an important character role in the movie. Aziz Vidyaarthy, Prem, Raj Kapoor also play important roles and Karunas takes up the role of a comedian. The shooting of the movie is progressing in Hyderabad at Ramoji Film City.

Dhanam shooting has been done at famous dasi centres in Andhra like Peddapuram and Silukoorpuram. The unit has returned now to Chennai.The next phase of acting will take place in Thirunelveli, Tenkasi and Ambasamudram.

Art director Thotta Tharani has come up with excellent sets for the movie. The budget for the sets has come to Rs. 30 lakhs. Music director Illiyaraja got very impressed after listening to the story and suggested interesting situations for the movie. Lyrics are penned by Vaali.Would ‘Dhanam’ be like an art film? It would but there will also be no lack of commercial value, says the director. The film will be released in Tamil and Telugu at the same time.The movie is getting ready to hit the theatres soon.

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    Sangeetha hits out woman baiters

    2006/12/2 17:38:58 Sangeetha, who proved her mettle with Uyir, shared her thoughts about the Tamil film industry sidelining actresses.

    Speaking at the muhurat of Dhanam in Chennai on Friday, the actor said, “When actors do anti-hero roles, they are critically acclaimed. When heroines do negative roles, they are sidelined from the industry.”

    She played the role a woman obsessed with her brother-in-law in Uyir recently. Her role got her criticism from various quarters.

    Recalling the role in the movie, Sangeetha, said, “It was just a film. But people criticized me for playing the role. In Dhanam, I play a call girl, who has revolutionary ideas. I don't care about the protests that I would face this time.”

    Dhanam features Sangeetha in the title role.

    Sangeetha also stated that heroines in Bollywood do such roles and are appreciated. Unfortunately actresses in South India are singled out.

    Dhanam is directed by debutant G Siva and has musical score by Ilayaraja.


    Tamil Cinema News : Sangeetha hits out woman baiters

    Sangeetha to fulfill her mother's wish

    2007/6/25 10:13:56

    Sangeetha is busy in wrapping up all her present assignments. Presently, her film 'Dhanam' had completed 80 per cent shoot, while her other Tamil films 'Evano Oruvan' opposite Madhavan, 'Kalai' opposite Simbu and Telugu film 'Bahumati' opposite Venu had completed their shootings.

    Shooting of almost all her films would be completed by July and she would become free. The reason for wrapping up all her films at one go is not that she is getting married or going to date with some one. She categorically says, 'My mother fell sick recently.

    Now that she recouped her health. My mother has a long time wish to visit the US. In order to fulfill her wish, I am taking my mother to the US on a vacation.'

    Telugu Cinema News : Sangeetha to fulfill her mother's wish

    Sangeetha back!

    2008/4/1 18:19:50 The sexy Sangeetha is now making another attempt to make a comeback in Tollywood. Sangeetha had pined high hopes on her film ‘Bahumathi’ directed by SV Krishna Reddy. Even though everyone appreciated her work in the film, she did not bag any offers after that.

    Sangeetha is now getting ready to act in a new bilingual film The title of the film has not yet been finalized but it goes like this “ My dream girl, there is no life without you” . The film will be made simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil. The film will hit the floors on April 7. YD Prasad is the director.

    Andhra News : Sangeetha back!

    Sivaji romancing Sangeetha?

    2008/4/29 17:56:35 The latest rumour doing the round I that actor Sivaji is now in love with Sangeetha. He and Sangeetha acted in the film 'Adirindayya Chandram. The two are reported to have hit it of at that time.

    The young hero Sivaji is so smitten by her that he has now recommended her for the new film 'Maa Aayana Chantipilladu'. The two are now seen enjoying each others company immensely

    Gossips : Sivaji romancing Sangeetha?

    Sangeetha looking for 'Him'!

    2007/8/24 16:26:01

    The busy actress Sangeetha is being bombarded with one rumour after another. The latest is that she has married a prominent businessman. Sangeetha is both angry and amused.

    She said that she heard bout this rumour and she is looking for that 'businessman'. She said that she would ask him why he is not to be seen anywhere. If he has married her, then he should stay with her.Sangeetha was previously married off to a director by the same rumormongers

    Telugu Cinema News : Sangeetha looking for 'Him'!

    Sangeetha's sneak peak in Dhanam

    2007/6/9 12:54:53

    How is our society treating young and beautiful girls from a Devadasi Family? It is a known secret that many would like to join the club of teasers. But nobody has come out with the right solutions for these cursed women. Everybody sees the girls as sex toys and tease them with their crooked wishes. But Director Shiva has to come with the solution to this suppressed women.

    To know the outcome, you have to wait till August 15. Yes, Dhanam, a film on Devadasi family will be released on that day.

    Debutant director G.Siva penned the script besides directing the film. It has a team consisting of the best technicians in the Industry. Maestro Ilayaraja scored the music and ace cinematographer Jeeva handles the camera. Thotta Tharani is the art director and veteran filmmaker and editor B.Lenin is in charge editing the film.

    Director Siva briefed the progress of the movie to media persons yesterday at his office. “Many may think that the film is focused on the life style of a prostitute. But it is not true. Though the plot is related to Devadasi system, I would never like to touch the issue. The story is totally a different one. In this society, many think that a daughter of prostitute will also become a prostitute. If anyone tries to get out of the system, the society will never allows her to lead a dignified life. How my heroine Sangeetha faces all these problems boldly is the centre point of the story.

    In fact, Sangeetha accepted this project much before the release of Uyir. We never try to capitalize her commercial image gained from the hit film Uyir. Of course, there is good scope for her to show her stunning beauty in this role,” revealed the director.

    “70 percent of the shooting work has been completed and I hope the remaining work could be completed by the end of July. We planned to release the film for August 15th. The audio may be launched in the first week of July,” added the director.

    But the preview of spicy and hot looking Sangeetha could convey a different message to the viewers. There are 5 songs in this film and the recording work for most of them has been completed. All the lyrics are written by veteran poet Vaali.

    Grish Karnad, one of the best stage artistes and national award winner for his outstanding performance re enters Tamil through this film after a long gap. Karunaas, Ilavarau, Crane Manohar and Scissor Manohar form the comedy team in the film.

    Tamil Cinema News : Sangeetha's sneak peak in Dhanam

    Sangeetha to marry soon

    2008/5/12 12:12:14

    Sangeetha is a versatile actress. She has regaled the audience with both her acting as well as her sexy personality. It is now secret that Sangeetha can give the hottest actresses in the industry a run for their money any day. She has a special charm and can draw the crowds to the theatres like the other sexy actress Tabu.

    But Sangeetha may soon say pack up and settle down in life. Her parents’ are looking for a suitable alliance for her. Sangeetha is ready to marry the boy chosen by her parents. The groom however will not be from the film industry. If everything goes according to plans Sangeetha may get married late this year or sometime early in 2009.

    The issue of whether she would continue to act in films will be taken jointly by her and her husband. Sangeetha said that if hr husband gives hr permission, she will act in films; otherwise she will bow to his wishes and lead life as a homemaker.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sangeetha to marry soon

    Sangeetha joins the prostitute-club?

    2011/3/29 17:19:59

    The latest success mantra for all the glamour dolls in the film industry is to play a prostitute role. They believe that, it not only boasts about their acting talents, but also floods them with film offers. Moreover, there is a strong belief in them that, if they prove successful with it, then they will be earmarked for doing very special characters. This trend has begun with Anushka playing a prostitute role as ‘Amalapuram Sarojini’ in Allu Arjun’s Vedam film. Buxom beauty Namitha, Bollywood beauty Manisha Koirala and many others were doing this prostitute character with high respects.

    Now, joins this film-prostitute-club is veteran actress Sangeetha. She did few Telugu films but disappeared from Tollywood as she couldn’t have a break. She has played prostitute role in her Tamil film ‘Dhanam.’ This film is now being dubbed into Telugu and releasing soon. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Asish Vidyarthi, Girish Karnad, Madhav and some others have played important roles in this movie. Kota has played a negative role in this film.

    This film is directed by Shiva and produced by Addala Venkat Rao under Laxmi Vaasanti banner.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sangeetha joins the prostitute-club?

    Sangeetha sizzles in ‘Dabbu Dabbu’

    2007/3/26 15:41:54

    Sangeetha has acted in a Tamil film titled ‘Kaasu’ with Raghu in the lead. The film has done reasonably well and is now being dubbed in Telugu. It is understood that Sangeetha has done some very daring scenes in the film.

    In what can be dubbed as a virtual skin show, Sangeetha is reported to have exposed liberally in the film. The Tamil audience has lapped up her glamorous role in the film and it is now the turn of the Telugu audience.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sangeetha sizzles in ‘Dabbu Dabbu’

    Sangeetha acts for free

    2007/9/17 14:19:24

    If actors cut down on their acting fee, the media fetes them for being generous, helpful and of sift nature. But if an actress does the same, this same media does not bother at all.

    Who is this actress who has not taken a fee?

    Sangeetha! She ran riot in 'Uyir.' There is a character of a highly placed, gutsy executive in 'Nepali.' When Durai was breaking his head about whom to cast in that role, his assistant silently told Sangeetha the lady's part to be played in 'Nepali.'

    She liked it and immediately gave her assent. Since it's a small role, she decided not even to take remuneration for that. Durai is happiness personified when he talks about this.

    If this same associate had told Sangeetha the story and she had turned him down, most probably, Durai would have chased him and taken him to task!

    Fortunately the associate turned lucky!

    Tamil Cinema News :  Sangeetha acts for free

    Manisha Koirala's next inspired by a real sex worker

    2011/3/26 12:13:00

    Deepti Naval's upcoming film 'Do Paise Ki Dhoop Char Aane Ki Baarish' is inspired by actual incidents

    Deepti Naval's Do Paise Ki Dhoop Char Aane Ki Baarish, a Manisha Koirala-starrer, is inspired by a real story.

    Says a source close to the director, "Manya plays a street walker and was excited to hear that her character had been inspired by a real sex worker whose story Deepti had heard through a friend. Koirala plays a sex worker who finds it difficult to survive."

    The challenge was to make the actress look ordinary. "Deepti wanted a sari-clad sex worker and not a mini-skirt clad one someone who is a bit neglected.

    She wears dark red lipstick, keeps her hair open and wears dark and bright colours like red, maroon and purple. She had to look like a mother and struggler."


    Struggling songwriter Debu is dumped by his lover while aging streetwalker Juhi leaves her son Kaku saddled to a wheelchair. One night Debu and Juhi run into each other and he convinces her to take him on as a babysitter fo a child. She soon begins to feel left out as the bond between her son and the outsider cements.

    Bollywood News : Manisha Koirala's next inspired by a real sex worker

    Sangeetha's 'Dabbu Dabbu'

    2007/3/30 15:30:35

    The successful Tamil film 'Kasu' is being dubbed in Telugu as 'Dabbu Dabbu'. Sangeetha is starring in the film. The film has Raghu in the lead. Rajasri will be seen in a special role in the film.

    Sangeetha is made to choose between money and love. The film has some very good songs and two fight scenes. The film is being dubbed by Sri Lakshmi Annapurna Arts by G Madhu Mohan.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sangeetha's 'Dabbu Dabbu'

    Ramya's dress costs a lakh

    2006/12/29 14:32:17

    Anything to do with actresses is always expensive.

    Shaam has acted in Kannada film 'Dhanam Dhanam' directed by Kavitha Lankesh. Shaam has 2 leading ladies in the film, 'kuthu' Ramya and Rakshita. To stun the audiences with gorgeous costumes, the producer decided not to skimp on the expenses for the costumes.

    It was also announced that the costumes would be auctioned after the film was completed and created a lot of competition among the fans. Ramya's costume in the film cost only Rs.15,000 but do you know how much worth the fans put on it? Only 1.5 lakhs! Similarly a costume costing Rs.900 worn by Rakshita went for a whopping Rs.40, 000.

    Wow….this is a nice way to recover costs!


    Tamil Cinema News :  Ramya's dress costs a lakh

    Sangeetha's award winning performance!

    2007/6/15 9:18:36

    Actor Sangeetha is playing the role of a prostitute in a new film. The film is being directed by Siva. The film is being made simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil. Director Siva says that Sangeetha has given an excellent performance in the film. He is sure that she would bag an award for her role in the film.

    The film has been extensively shot at Peddapuram in West Godavari district and later at RFC in Hyderabad. Prem is the hero. Kota Srinivasa Rao and Ashish Vidhyarathi play prominent roles in the film. Music is by Ilayaraja .

    Telugu Cinema News : Sangeetha's award winning performance!

    Riya becomes seedhi saadhi

    2008/2/26 16:11:36

    Is Riya Sen looking for a change of image, at least from the look of her picture alongside, it does show that the actress wants to do something different. Riya will soon be seen playing a village belle in Zor Laga Ke Hayya and will be seen wearing a nine yard saree in the film.

    When asked if there was reluctance when the role was offered to her, the actress said she agreed instantly, “I always wanted to play a village belle.” Producer Kartikeya Talreja however said, “Riya was a bit reluctant but when we explained to her how it will be a good change for her, she agreed to do the film.”

    Riya plays a construction worker in the film, so did she meet some construction workers to learn their mannerisms and behaviour? “I have seen them all my life,” she says. Zor Laga Ke Haiyya also deals with issues like redevelopment and environment. Riya works as a construction worker and Mahesh Manjrekar plays a contractor who has the hots for Riya. Mithun Chakraborty is also in the film.

    Bollywood News : Riya becomes seedhi saadhi

    Hot heroine as sex worker

    2010/9/14 16:16:54

    Sameera Reddy is a hot actress with a god figure. However she does not have many hits to her credit.

    Sameera Reddy will soon play a Chennai sex worker in a Tamil film. The film will be directed by Gautam Menon.

    Sameera is naturally excited with the idea and is sure that she will get good recognition with the role.

    Telugu Cinema News : Hot heroine as sex worker

    Sangeetha to do a Silk Smitha!

    2008/5/14 13:08:25
    The sexy Sangetha will soon be seen doing a remake of the super hit item song of all time ‘Baavalu Sayya…’ from the film ‘Bava Bavamaridi’. Krishnam Raju and Suman acted in the hit film that was made some 16 years ago.

    Silk Smitha did the item song which is an all time hit and is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Sangeetha will make her entry with this song in the film ‘Maa Aayina Chantipillodu’. Sivaji and Meera Jasmine are in the lead.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sangeetha to do a Silk Smitha!

    Veena Malik plays sex worker

    2011/10/21 12:59:46

    Mumbai, Oct 21 (IANS) After all the controversies in "Bigg Boss 4" and shooting an item song, Pakistani model Veena Malik has bagged the biographical role of a sex worker.

    Veena will be playing the role of sex worker Madhuri, who has been moonlighting for years to support her family.

    The actress has been very quietly meeting sex workers here, particularly Madhuri, for the film "Zindagi 50-50".

    "This film has changed my life and my attitude to women and sex workers in particular.

    "I insisted on playing Madhuri. Koi connect hai (some connection is there)... I don't know what it was. But I instantly empathized with Madhuri's responsibilities towards her large family," Veena said.

    "Maybe because I come from a family of five daughters and one son. But I understand what it feels like to be a woman in a male-dominated society. I've always supported myself, been on my own since adulthood," she noted.

    Veena spent hours with Madhuri to know about her dual life.

    "In the daytime she's a normal middle-class girl. In the night she puts on her burqa and goes to work in the red-light area, just like any normal working girl," Veena added.

    "I loved the dignity that Madhuri brings to her life and her work. I hope I am able to convey the same dignity in my performance," Veena stated.

    "Who cares about sex workers? I am appalled by the way they live in the red-light areas, not just in India but across Asia. These women deserve a much better life," felt Veena.

    Bollywood News : Veena Malik plays sex worker

    Author, sex worker is now an actress

    2006/10/26 17:37:48 Nalini Jameela, a 53-year-old sex worker, has been using make-up to attract customers since 1978, but she donned the grease paint on Thursday to act in an English documentary film titled Sex, Lies and a Book.

    The 28-minute documentary, based on a book by Jameela, is being produced jointly by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT). Sanjeev Sivan is the film's director.

    "The shooting for the docu-drama has begun and I am really excited because we have given a totally different treatment, which is unlike the usual documentary," said Sivan, who is ace cinematographer Santhosh Sivan's younger brother.

    "I was asked by the producers to do this film and I felt it was a great theme for a docu-drama because I read her book, which sold like hot cakes in Kerala," added Sivan.

    The film has been compartmentalised into three spans of Jameela's life - her childhood, her youth and her present life.

    A 13-year-old girl and 35-year-old woman play the first two phases of the sex worker's life while Jameela plays herself in the current phase.

    "She speaks on camera on important happenings in her life and we re-create it and I feel this is going to be a great product," added Sivan.

    Jameela, who is based in Kozhikode in north Kerala, has been coordinator of the Kerala Sex Workers Forum since 2001 and is also the live wire of Firm - the apex body of five non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

    Jameela has no qualms about her profession. She currently stays with her daughter and enjoys spending time with her grand daughter.

    Jameela is excited about working in the documentary.

    "I have not done acting before so I don't know how I would be able to act. I'll tell you about my experience in a few days time. I never dreamt that I would be able to act in a film," Jameela said..

    "I am too pre-occupied with work among the sex workers, so I get very little time to practice my profession. But I make it a point to have at least three sessions a month with clients of mine," said Jameela.

    Jameela's book in Malayalam Oru Laingyikathozhilaliyude Atma Katha (The life of a sex worker) released last year and was a great hit among readers.

    "That book sold 13,000 copies. I, along with five others, have come out with a second book titled Njan Laingyikathozhilali (I am a sex worker). It has sold 6,000 copies. This book is now being translated into Gujarati, Bengali and Tamil," added Jameela.

    The film will be shot in and around Kerala's capital and is likely to be completed in a week's time.


    Bollywood News : Author, sex worker is now an actress

    Evano Oruvan - One in a million

    2007/5/3 9:03:44

    Director Nishikant hogged all limelight when his maiden Marathi film Dombivili Fast won rave reviews while bagging several awards and honors. Now the youngster has remade the film in Tamil titled Evano Oruvan. The movie has Madhavan and Sangeetha in lead roles.

    Nishikanth says, “The movie can be identified by the youngsters. It is about an average Indian youth, who is expressionless, perennially fatigued, weighed down with woes... till a dormant volcano inside the head erupts without warning, and life is not the same again”.

    “Madhavan and Sangeetha have given a restrained performance and G V Prakash has come up with a scintillating musical score”, he adds.

    “Since my childhood, I watched a lot of Tamil cinemas. I was greatly influenced by director Mani Ratnam. Dombivili Fast was based on a regional and cultural background. Tamilnadu has rich cultural values. I felt it would be appropriate to do the movie in Tamil. Thankfully my producers (Abbas and Mastan) agreed”, he says. On his experiences working with Madhavan, he says, “He is a talented actor and he emotes well. He had been part of half-a-dozen Mani Ratnam movies. He was my obvious choice”.

    The movie has musical score by G V Prakash. Madhavan is thrilled to be part of a movie which has a good storyline and a strong message to be conveyed to the masses. After Thambi, it was my role in Evano Oruvan which attracted me a lot”, he said.

    Sangeetha, who proved her acting credentials in director Bala's Pithamagan, plays a pivotal role in the movie. With all shooting over, Evano Oruvan is fast nearing its release. Hopefully this summer Madhavan will be out in theatres thanks to Evano Oruvan.

    Tamil Cinema News : Evano Oruvan - One in a million

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