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on 2006/9/5 13:12:56

Raja, Poonam Bajwa under Jitender Direction

Raja, Poonam Bajwa as Hero Heroine under the direction of Jitender Y, on Akshaya films Banner and presented by Ponnamaneni Venkateswara Rao has started songs recording works on Monday in Ramanaidu Recording theatre. One Shloka was recorded first under Anoop Rubens music direction. Director Mrs.Vijaynirmala who was the chief guest has given her best wishes to all unit members. Writer V.S.P.Tenneti said that from Vijaydashami shooting works will be initiated. Hero Raja said that he was inspired by the script and hence agreed for this film and all scenes are new and it will attracts the viewers. Music director Anoop Rubens said there are totally six songs in this film and this is the first film with Chandrabose and Raja combination. Director Jitender , and lyrist Chandrabose , along with others attended this function.
Music : Anoop Rubens, Camera : Hari Anumolu, Editing : Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, Fights : Ram Laxman, Producer : Venkateswara Rao Ponnamaneni, Screen Play & Direction : Jitender Y.

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    'Veduka' unit holds success meet

    2007/6/8 8:38:37

    'Veduka', directed by Jitender Y and produced by Venkateswara Rao Ponnamaneni on the banner of Akshaya Films with Raja and Poonam Bajwa as hero and heroine was released on June 1 and is running successfully. The film unit held a success meet in Hyderabad. Producer says, 'For us 'Veduka' was like an entrance test into the industry.

    The verdict given by the audiences proved that we emerged winners in the test. We thank the audiences for their gesture. Anoop's melodious tunes, performance of Raja, the glamour of Poonam Bajwa were proved big assets of the film and we are thankful to K Viswanath who agreed to play a role in our film.' Director Jitender, writer VSP Tenneti and others participated.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Veduka' unit holds success meet

    Poonam Bajwa replaced in Dhanush’s film

    2007/4/20 15:35:09

    he young belle Poonam Bajwa who made a mark in Tollywood with films like ‘Boss’ with Nagarjuna and ‘Modati Cinema’ has had a bitter experience lately. She was signed to play opposite Dhanush in a new film titled ‘Polladavan’.

    The shooting commenced recently and after a few days of shooting, she has been dropped from the film. Dhansuh as well as the director feel that she is not up to the mark and is not able to emote well. This came as a rude shock to Poonam.

    The director has once again approached Trisha who was the original choice and this time Trisha has agreed to do the film and also given call sheets. Poor Pooanm Bajwa is now pinning all her hopes on her latest film ‘Veduka’ with Raja as hero.

    Telugu Cinema News : Poonam Bajwa replaced in Dhanush’s film

    'Veduka' unit to shoot songs abroad from March

    2007/3/3 14:50:42

    Canning of a song is in progress at New Zealand for 'Veduka' directed by Jitender Y and produced by Ponnamaneni Venkateswara Rao on the banner of Akshaya Films with Raja of 'Anand'-fame and Poonam Bajwa who made her debut with 'Modati Cinema' in the lead.

    A rare point was taken as the storyline for this family entertainer in which K Viswanath is playing an important role. The current schedule would continue from March 8 to 21. Anu Mehta, who was introduced as heroine through 'Arya' is doing a main role in the movie, while VSP Tenneti is scripting dialogues. The producer is planning to release the film during summer.


    Telugu Cinema News : 'Veduka' unit to shoot songs abroad from March

    Poonam Bajwa removed from new film

    2007/6/27 14:57:19

    There seems to be an acute shortage of heroines in the neighboring state of Tamilnadu these days. Or maybe something about Danush makes the heroines think twice about working with him.

    He is getting ready to launch his new film. The film's director had approached quite a number of leading heroines including Trisha, Nayantara and Shreya, but they all have refused because they couldn't set their callsheets aside. Nayantara had just completed her film with Danush. So, it wouldn't be nice if she stars with him again.

    Shreya had been his previous heroine and she is quite busy after 'Shivaji'. So, they decided to bring Poonam Bajwa in as the heroine.

    Now, Poonam had never worked in a Tamil film before. This is her debut one. After completing the photo-session, she was abruptly removed.

    Search is now on for a new heroine.

    Tamil Cinema News : Poonam Bajwa removed from new film

    Ramanaidu launches 'Veduka' audio

    2007/4/16 9:04:59

    Dr D Ramanaidu had launched the audio of 'Veduka' produced by Venkateswara Ponnamaneni on the banner of Akshaya films and directed by Jitender Y with Raja, Poonam Bajwa and Anu Mehta as hero and heroine.A grand function was arranged at Fortune Katriya Hotel in Hyderabad, where the formal launch of audio was held on April 12.

    K Raghavendra Rao, GK Reddy and members of the film unit attended the audio release function. After launching the audio, Dr Ramanaidu handed over the first audiocassette to K Raghavendra Rao, while GK Reddy purchased the first cassette.

    Dr Ramanaidu says, 'All those artistes of this film had earlier worked in our banner too. I wish the film would be a big hit.' VSP Tenneti, Anoop Rubens and others attended the function. Efforts are on to release the film in May.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ramanaidu launches 'Veduka' audio

    Akshaya Films - A Family entertainer

    2006/12/4 13:23:45 Raja, Punam Bajwa, as Hero and Heroine and K.Vishwanath in a special role directed b y Y.Jeetender and presented by Ponnamaneni Venkateswara Rao on Akshaya Films Banner is presently busy with the shooting in different locations in Hyderabad.

    Picturisation of main role scenes including K.Vishwanath is going on. On location K.Vishwanath said I am performing a grand father role which is very decent and an eminent character and also like the way this role framed.

    Producer Ponnamaneni Venkateswara Rao said this film is knit with affections, attachments, relations and gives importance to moral values and director put up a good show in screening which is a family entertainer.

    The relation between Father and Son is the main theme of this film and will be remembered and appreciated. Writer VSP Tennati confidently said that this film is cool as Ice.

    Director Jeetender said K.Vishwanath acted as modern grand father to Poonam in this film and Raja in a very discipline young boy and Anu Mehata is playing sister-in-law character.

    This is family entertainer film and Anoop's music will attract viewers. With good story this film is made to impress the viewers.

    Keywords:Akshaya Films,Poonam Bajwa::

    Telugu Cinema News : Akshaya Films - A Family entertainer

    Censor officials appreciates “Boss – I Love You” Story

    2006/9/24 14:46:50

    Boss – I Love You which is going to hit theatres on Sep 27th passed censor test. Censor officials appreciated the story and also said after a long gap they witnessed a good entertaining film. Producer Dr. Shiva Prasad Reddy expressed his happiness on the Censor official’s comments. Nayanatara and Poonam Bajwa are playing next to Nag. Saloni is also playing in an item song. Hope Nag will bag the hit and place it next to his Sri Ramadasu.

    Keywords:Boss,Nayanathara,Poonam Bajwa,Saloni::

    Telugu Cinema News : Censor officials appreciates “Boss – I Love You” Story

    'Veduka' Likely to Hit Screen in May

    2007/4/7 8:18:27

    Directed by Jitender Y and produced by Ponnamaneni Venkateswara Rao on the banner of Akshaya Films with Raja and Poonam Bajwa in the lead, 'Veduka' had completed its shooting formalities recently.

    Producer Ponnamaneni Venkateswara Rao says, 'We wanted to make everyone in the film industry to celebrate the release of the film as a big function and hence titled it as 'Veduka'. We wish that our film should be a part of the summer celebrations.' He further says, 'We have recently shot two important songs in the backdrop of snowfall in Switzerland and other beautiful locations there.

    Annop Rubens gave tunes for five songs in the film and they would be definitely different songs. At the same time, dubbing, editing and other post-production activities are also going at a fast pace. We are planning to launch the audio by this week and release the film in May as a

    summer special. K Viswanath is playing an important role in this movie. We are confident that our film would attract all classes of audiences.'

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Veduka' Likely to Hit Screen in May

    Veduka slated for release on May 18

    2007/5/10 10:26:27

    Shooting and other post-production formalities were completed for 'Veduka' directed by Jitender Y and produced by Ponnamaneni Venkateswara Rao on the banner of Akshaya Films with Raja in the lead.

    Producer says, 'The film reveals the sweetness of love between a boy and a girl. However, we have not made the film just as a youthful love story, but also as a family subject.' Writer VSP Tenneti says, 'The love feel in the film would enthrall the audiences. When the hero and heroine gets separated, the audiences would strongly feel that they should unite.

    Raja performed well not only in love scenes but also in action scenes. Choreographer Robert Anthony is appearing in a special role while K Viswanath is sporting the role of heroine's grandfather and gave life to it. We are sure that our film could be watched together by the entire family.

    Two of the songs were choreographed in Switzerland, while Anoop Rubens gave melodious tunes to all the songs. We are planning to release the film on May 18. Poonam Bajwa and Anu Mehta are playing heroines. Lyrics are by Veturi, Chandra Bose, Anant Shreeram and Brahmachari, camera is by Bharani K Dharani.


    Telugu Cinema News : Veduka slated for release on May 18

    Finally Poonam arraives !!

    2007/6/15 10:16:16

    Finally, Poonam Bajwa has confirmed her entry into Tamil movies. Earlier, this young and seductive beauty from Tollywood was booked for Danush's ladylove in Pollathavan. But it's said that the director and actor replaced her with Kajal Agarwal without even telling her a word. When the actress was in the mood to say a good bye to Kodambakkam, a new offer knocked at her door.

    Now, she is the heroine of Thenavettu, starring young hero Jeeva. The Shooting of the film had begun a days ago. This is her first Tamil film though she is known in Telugu for her glamorous looks. Moreover, she has lots of fans following in Telugu. Let's hope the actress makes it big in Tamil too.

    Tamil Cinema News : Finally Poonam arraives !!

    Devisri live in Visakhapatnam

    2007/5/16 11:43:43

    Devisri Prasad will do a lice show in Visakhapatnam on May 26. Chaas event management is organizing the show at the Andhra University Engineering College campus. Many popular stars from Tolywood will take part in the show. The director of '4 Boys' Sasi Varma is looking after the erecting of a mammoth stage for the event.

    Hero Raja and Varun have set up the Chaas event management company.Popular Tollywood artists like Poonam Bajwa, Sree Devi, Kaaman Jethmalani, Farzana and Poonam Kaur will woo the audience with their dance. Devisri Prasad will render popular songs and also shake his legs.

    Popular singers Malathi, Venu, Mallikarjun, Sagar, Gopka and Poornima will participate in this live show. Devisri Prasad said that he enjoys doing live shows and his earlier live shows in Vijayawada and Visakhpatnam have been well received by the audience.

    Telugu Cinema News : Devisri live in Visakhapatnam

    It’s raining movies

    2007/5/31 13:55:35 The monsoon is round the corner. While the state has seen some rain fall, the movie buffs are gearing themselves up for a feast. For it is going to rain movies this June. While ‘Operation Duryodhana’ with Srikanth and Mumaith is set for release on May 31, Veduka with Raja and Poonam Bajwa is also hitting the screen on the same day on June 1. ‘Laial Majni’ with Harivarun and Jyothika Krishna in the lead will hit the screen.

    ‘Dubai Sreenu’ with Ravi Teja and Nayanatara in the lead is slated for release on June 7. And the biggest film of them all, ‘Sivaji’ starring Rajanikanth, Shreya and others is set to make its premiere on June 15. All this is sweet music for all movie buffs.

    Telugu Cinema News : It’s raining movies

    Sexy Poonam changes her name!

    2011/3/15 12:04:36

    The sexy babe Poonam Kaur is a beauty with brains. She is a decent actress but has not made it big so far.

    Now Poonam Kaur has opted to change her name as per the advice of a numerologist. Poonam Kaur has now changed hr name to ‘Nakshatra’.

    Let us hope the new name brings her luck and she becomes a big star (nakshatra)!

    Telugu Cinema News : Sexy Poonam changes her name!

    Poonam Bajwa ku Boyfriend kavalenu..!?

    2008/3/29 19:09:59

    AP News In Telugu : Poonam Bajwa ku Boyfriend kavalenu..!?

    'Rock with Devi' in Vizag on May 26

    2007/5/15 9:09:53

    Young music sensation Devisri Prasad is organizing a stage show called 'Rock with Devi' at the Engineering College grounds of Vizag on May 26. Devisri Prasad says, 'I always like to do live shows, as doing such shows right in front of people.

    That is the reason I will take part in such programmes once in a while. Besides me, Sridevi, Kamna Jethmalani, Poonam Bajwa, Farjana and Poonam Kaur are also participating in the programme which is being organized by Khaos.

    A special set was designed under the guidance of 'Four Boys' director Sashi. The programme would be for more than three hours. Several singers including Malathi, Venu, Sagar, Gopika would render songs in the live programme.'

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Rock with Devi' in Vizag on May 26

    Poonam Pandey's MMS spreads like virus

    2011/6/17 12:17:26

    Poonam Pandey's MMS is one of the most searched on Google India.

    Poonam Pandey's MMS is much hyped 'MMS' is not just a photo shoot video of her but she is seen changing her costumes on the shoot while shooting for a International magazine.

    Poonam Pandey rose to fame when she proclaimed that she would strip in front of the Indian cricket team if they win the Cricket World Cup. She was a contestant in the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 on Colors that is hosted by Akshay Kumar.

    Bollywood News : Poonam Pandey's MMS spreads like virus

    Who Gets the Boss ?

    2006/9/20 17:54:12

    Nagarjuna as Construction Company Owner, Nayanatara as his secretary, Poonam Bajwa in another role Boss is all set for release with 300 prints. The move is a family entertainer with lots of comedy scenes and will attract the Mass & Class audience. The fun & glamour filled Boss is all set to release on 27th of this month. The main Story revolves around the four heroines trying to trap the “Boss”. Let’s see who gets the “Boss”

    Telugu Cinema News : Who Gets the Boss ?

    "Boss" Show timings in Fremont, California

    2006/9/25 23:11:14 BOSS is releasing on 27th sep at your favorite park Theater.Please find the Show timings below:

    SEP 27, 8:30 PM PREMIER SHOW
    SEP 28 , 4.30PM, 8.00 PM
    SEP 29 , 4.30PM, 8.00PM, 11.15PM
    SEP 30, 1.00PM, 4.30PM, 8.00PM, 11.15PM
    OCT 01, 1:00PM, 4:30PM, 8:00PM
    OCT 02 , 4:30PM, 8:00PM
    OCT 02 , 4:30PM, 8:00PM

    Advance booking available at Park Theater Box office from Monday Sep 25th onwards.

    Keywords:Boss,Poonam Bajwa,Nayanthara::

    Telugu Cinema News : "Boss" Show timings in Fremont, California

    Model Poonam Pandey to strip in Paris?

    2011/4/4 12:21:12

    NOW that we have won the World Cup, the person everybody is searching for is Poonam Pandey — the svelte beauty, who declared that she would go nude if India wins. Her mobile has been switched off since the match got over.

    Before the finals, Poonam wrote to BCCI that she was serious about baring it all for the boys, as it would be a therapeutic method to boost and inspire people to perform better in any field. When asked about this cheap publicity, Poonam firmly said that she was doing this to excite the Indian players to play better, and not for her own publicity.

    After creating such a huge hype among the public, the missing beauty seems to have disappointed many by not keeping up her promise.

    Immediately after the match was over, there were several Facebook captions like, “Where is Poonam?”, “I’m waiting for you Poonam”, “Where the hell is Poonam Pandey. I bought an HD TV for you!”, etc. According to the latest news, she has requested the BCCI to choose another country such as Paris for her striptease, to avoid controversies in India.

    However, there are many broken hearts all over the country including Chennai where fans eagerly waited for a grand show after the victory. Charles, marketing professional, who wittily stated in Facebook that he bought HD TV to watch Poonam strip, says, “We knew that she wouldn’t make it, but the point is, people go to such extremes for cheap publicity.”

    However, the conservative lot is strictly against such acts. Paraag, an entrepreneur, says, “Giving such nasty statements doesn’t make them a star. Comparing an emotional moment such as this with a cheap act by a model, is an indecent thing in itself.”

    According to Kannan, psychologist, such acts depend on human behaviour in different situations. “There is something called blue print in a human brain that deals with attitude towards culture and circumstances. It gets modified according to the place of activities.”

    Poonam, whose phone was flooded with threatening messages from the public, was last heard tweeting, “The magic worked.”

    Now, the question here is: Was it all a gimmick to encourage the men in blue to win? If so, how did we win? Was it because of Poonam or Dhoni’s final six?

    Bollywood News : Model Poonam Pandey to strip in Paris?

    Students told to take inspiration from sportspersons’

    2011/6/23 13:54:04 Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy, a former cricketer was conspicuous by his absence, as was Sports Minister Vatti Vasant Kumar and state Olympic Association president Lagadapati Rajagopal, at the 25th edition of the Olympic Day Run, which was flagged off from the Lal Bahadur Sastri Stadium on Thursday.

    In the absence of Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy, who is still remembered as a talented cricketer in his playing days, Andhra Pradesh Olympic Association Jitender Reddy did the honours and flagged off the run in which thousands of students participated from various schools in the twin cities took part.

    The run was flagged from eight centres — Charminar, Victory PG, Hyderabad YMCA, Mehdipatnam, MG Statute (Secunderabad), Bowenpally Cross Roads, Dilsukhnagar TV Tower, and Dr Ambedkar Statue (Tank Bund).

    The run is organized every year to commemorate the revival of movement of the Modern Olympic Games.

    Addressing the gathering, Mr Jitender Reddy called on the students to take inspiration from hard work put in by national and international sportspersons, to come up in the life.

    “Sportspersons toil hard to reach the top. Like them, you should also toil endlessly, then only you will come up in life,” he told the students.

    Mr Jitender Reddy further told the students that the members of the AP Olympics Association would provide counseling and guidance to the budding sportsmen and mould their career.

    Stating that sports personalities earning both fame and money at international level, he said that there are a lot of opportunities for the young in this field.

    Mr Jitender Reddy further advised the students to bring laurels to the nation by participating widely and performing well in Olympic, Commonwealth and other National and International games.

    He appealed to parents to encourage children to participate in the sports from their childhood. (INN)

    Andhra News : Students told to take inspiration from sportspersons’

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